I have a difficult time calling this a conclusion since this is article is more of a spotlight on the changes to the RX series, but I will do my best to wrap this up and not leave you hanging. XSPC has been shipping the RX V2 to retailers since late May/early June, I was just very slow on getting the page up… I had this page in draft since April.

Due to my delinquency, many of you probably already received an RX V2 and hopefully had not already planned on the radiator arriving at your door using M4 screws, the RX V2 uses 6-32. The reason I bring up the screws again is due to my own use of custom length screws and there is nothing I find more frustrating than not having the right screws and having to go on a hunt just to get your loop up and running. Sticking to the topic of physical changes, the paint change will be the most noticed. Gone is the gloss paint found on the original RX series and now we have the matte finish with the RX V2. The other piece of the V2 update is performance; XSPC tweaked the FPI a bit and also focused on fin to tube contact in order to achieve the nice bump in performance across the wide range of fan speeds we test. The extra bump in performance over the original RX is not going to make your overclock higher, but it will add some headroom for your loop over the RX V1. Since it took me so long to get this data published, those of you ordering an RX series radiator received the V2 and did not even know it… that is like finding an added bonus in the box that arrived at your door. Do not tell me you have not dumped out all the packing material hoping to find extra fittings or a fan, well this time you got luck only did not know it until now.

Closing out this article, I have to thank XSPC for sending the lab an RX V2 to put through the torture testing and let you all enjoy the data. Also, have to thanks XSPC for putting up with my extended delay in publishing.

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