Test Method/Specification

I do not want to turn this update into a multi-page article, so a link to our V1 Radiator Test Spec will have to suffice for now.

Pressure Drop/Restriction

Pressure drop results came out rather close, which is no surprise since there were no changes to the end tanks or tubes to my knowledge. However, there must have been some sort of tweak, because the RX V2 does have ever so slightly higher restriction compared to the RX V1. Instead of me just describing the pressure drop, we will let a chart do the work.

In the chart above we included the PQ curve from a DDC3.2 with XSPC V3 top as well as a D5 with EK V2 Top at Speed 5 to give you an idea of just how low restriction is in the RX series and radiators in general.

Thermal Results

This may just be an update to an existing radiator series, but in true Skinnee Labs fashion, we put the RX V2 through the full gamut of thermal tests. Rather than make you sit through my normal blabbering, feast your eyes on the thermal results and I will give the narrative after you consumed the tables and charts.

Looking over the charts and data table, you see the updates and optimizations do make some difference. The RX series was already strong at low RPM’s of 600 and 1000, but the V2 gets even better below 1000RPM. As an added bonus, we see improvement in the higher RPM ranges as well.

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