XSPC has made a few changes to the popular RX series; we have a quick run-down of the changes along with a set of both pressure drop and thermal tests. Since this is just an update, we will cover the changes that affect you the most. This article will not be heavy on the photos, I seemed to have misplaced the shots I snapped when the radiator arrived and it is now tied up on the second bench in the lab. Next time I tear down the loop I will be sure to add in more photos.

Features/Specs Changes

The first change you will notice as soon as you un-box, the gloss black paint has been changed to a matte black which I prefer over the gloss any day of the week. For some reason I have always been a fan off the matte finish, but paint is one of those personal preferences.

Fan spacing still holds true to the 15mm standard for 120mm radiators, but the screw size has been changed from M4 to 6-32. For those of us in the states, custom length screws will be easier to source while most outside of the US will have to expand their search when the screws supplied with the radiator are not the size needed. The change from M4 to 6-32 is not a big deal for me since I have quite the assortment of both, I am just glad the change was not to M3, those are next to impossible to find here in the states.

The other piece of that design that was slightly tweaked is the Fins/Folds Per Inch, while the measurement in the photo below still shows 8 FPI there have been some optimization here. If you bust out the ruler on your RX, you will notice a 7-8 FPI range. With that said, here are a few photos for you to feast on…

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