Price Considerations

Now that we have kicked the tires on the RX360, what is this going to cost you to add one to your parts inventory for your build. Surprisingly enough, XSPC has stayed true to there pricing on other components and an RX360 will not kill your component budget. Prices were taken on 03/03/2009. I must point out, the price at Jab-Tech is the retail price. The sale price listed was for the paint blemished radiators. Still a very good price for a radiator considering the price of a ThermoChill and the XSPC’s stellar performance at low fan speeds.


This being the second XSPC RX series radiator to hit the bench at skinnee labs, I had some expectations going into the test from my previous experiences with the RX120. I can say for certain that the RX360 met my expectations. Some of you may look at the performance at medium to high fan speeds and write the RX360 off, I guarantee you are missing out on a great radiator. The performance numbers at medium and high speeds are still very impressive and best several other popular radiators on the market. The 8 FPI design was not intended for higher fan speeds, this is no different than HWLabs radiators poor performance at low fan speeds. After listenting to Ultra Kaze’s at 2300 and 2800 RPM for several hours of testing, I’ll take the performance at low fans speeds over higher fan speeds any day of the week. My hearing is bad as it is and with high RPM fans I want to cut my ears off after 5 minutes of being in the same room.


    • Best performance at low fan speeds
    • Very low pressure drop
    • Very little flow restriction
    • G1/4 Barb ports
    • Standard Fan Spacing

    • None through my test experience

Final thoughts on the RX360. It is a pleasure to see a change in design on a triple radiator. The RX360 is a very pure performer at low fan speeds and will still give you plenty of heat dissipation at higher fans speeds. On the topic of the product launch and the paint problems, all have been remedied and taken care of. XSPC admitted to a problem, stepped up to the plate and took corrective action. That in itself shows the Liquid Cooling community that XSPC is here for the enthusiast and not out to just take your money. Have fun with your new XSPC RX360!

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