Once again, I have to thank Paul at XSPC. Paul was generous enough to provide a production sample of the new XSPC RX360 Radiator for testing purposes. Paul is one of those guys who is a hobbyist first and a company representive second. Paul is a great guy, extremely knowledgeable, very quick with communication and truly listens to feedback. This is the second XSPC product I have had the opportunity to test and review, I can only hope for many more to come.


The XSPC RX 360 is part of a brand new line of radiators from XSPC, the RX line includes a 120 (Single), 240 (Double) and a 360 (Triple) that we are reviewing here today. This new addition to the XSPC product line is another great product in an extensive line of enthusiast liquid cooling products. XSPC is known for making great products and extremely competitive prices, I think we all know of their top performing DDC tops. I have already tested the RX120 and now it is the big brothers turn on the test bench.

Without further delay, lets move on to the review and test data…

Lets pause the review a moment to address some of the issues that floated around upon the initial release of the RX series. Yes, there were some issues with the paint/finish. The problem was traced back to the paint not being fully dried before the manufacturing line packed them up for shipping. This was only an issue on the first shipment of radiators to the US, once the problem was identified the correction was made on the manufacturing line in order to prevent this from happening further. You can be assured any new stock available at retailers is free of the paint issue. I have heard there are some of the first shipment available at a significantly reduced price. Happy hunting!

Radiator Characteristics

Since I have already reviewed the RX120, there is quite a bit of resemblence to the RX360…only a triple instead of a single. The RX line is very different from the previous RS series from XSPC, starting with the tubes. The tubes and fins on the RX series are all copper. Previously, the RS series used brass tubes. The RX is a triple row 2-pass radiator, what this means in lehman terms is there are three rows of tubes for the thickness of the radiator and the liquid passes in front of the fans twice while in the radiator. 2-pass works by coming in the inlet, down the tubes into the endtank (first pass), then back through the tubes to the outlet (second pass). The RX line is definitely thicker than the previous RS line which was similar to the Swiftech MCR series. The RX360 measures in at 410mm X 125mm X 58.5mm (LxWxD), which is significantly thicker than the RS series and comes closer to the offerings from ThermoChill and TFC.

Amother big difference from the RS line is the move to 8 FPI, the low fins per inch means the RX is truely optimized for low speed fans. The low FPI design means less air resistance for the fans to push or pull air through the radiator. This should be a definite plus for those of you who cannot tolerate fan speeds above 1200RPM. The RX and the 8 FPI is an industry first to my knowledge, other radiators in the same class as the RX have 10 to 14 FPI. XSPC really set out to design a radiator that performed well using low speed fans.

XSPC followed the industry standard and used G1/4 barb ports, which allows users their choice in fittings, no special adapters needed for the common and popular fittings in use today. The RX360 I received was part of the first run through manufacturing and showed a little bit of texture to the paint on the sides of the radiator. However, a little rubbing with a wet paper towel and the texture went away. The finish on the RX series is quite glossy and looks very good. Last but not least is the fan spacing and as you can see in the picture below (minus my slightly off center ruler), XSPC uses the standard 15mm fan spacing which means the fans will be flush to one another. Another bonus you will receive with your RX360 is 12 M4 screws that are the exact length needed for 25mm fans, perfect for the low speed fans of your choosing.

  • Black Gloss Finish
  • Copper Tubes and Copper fins
  • 3 row 2-pass design
  • G1/4 Barb ports
  • 8 Fins Per Inch (FPI)
  • M4 tapped screw holes
  • Dimensions: 125×58.5x410mm (WxDxH)

Fan Spacing – 15mm center to center

Fins Per Inch – 8 FPI

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