I would like to thank Paul at XSPC for providing a pre-production sample of the new XSPC RX120 Radiator for testing purposes. Paul is a great guy, extremely knowledgeable, very quick with communication and truly listens to feedback. I had never had any experience with XSPC other than the DDC pump tops, but the experience I have had through the testing process on the RX Radiator series has made XSPC a company I would work with anytime and one that I would gladly give my business to.


The XSPC RX 120 is part of a brand new line of radiators from XSPC, the RX line includes a 120 (Single), 240 (Double) and 360 (Triple). This new addition to the XSPC product line is another great product in an extensive line of enthusiast liquid cooling products. XSPC is known for making great products and extremely competitive prices. After my experience with the RX radiators, I am eager to try other XSPC products, well, besides the DDC Res Top that I have running on the test bench CPU loop.

This review and test report will focus on thermal testing. Pressure drop and flow testing will be added in a week or two. So without further delay, lets get on to the review and testing shall we.

Radiator Characteristics

The RX line is very different from the previous RS series from XSPC, starting with the tubes. The tubes and fins on the RX series are all copper. Previously, the RS series used brass tubes. Upon first glance of the radiator you notice the fin spacing, the RX series features 8 Fins Per Inch (FPI), which is one of the lowest FPI’s in used for liquid cooling radiators. The next thing I noticed once I got over the different look of 8FPI was the size of the RX120, this radiator is definitely thicker than the RS line. The RX120 measures in at 162mm in height, 125mm wide and 58.5mm thick. One more thing on the topic of fins, the more I looked at the fins, something else seemed different. I tried capturing this in a photo but could not get the photo quality to really show what I saw ( I will keep trying though), the fins are split between the tubes. I have never noticed if this is the same on other radiators optimized for low speed fans. I will have to look closer next time I have a low speed fan optimized radiator in my hands.

XSPC followed the industry standard and used G1/4 barb ports, which allows users their choice in fittings, no special adapters needed for the common and popular fittings in use today. The sample RX120 I have is a pre-production sample, but the paint job is very good and I couldn’t believe this was pre-production paint. Fan mounts are pre-tapped for M4, I ended up using 6-32 screws for my testing which worked just fine in the pre-tap M4 holes.

  • Black Gloss Finish
  • Copper Tubes
  • Copper Fins
  • G1/4 Barb ports
  • 8 Fins Per Inch (FPI)
  • M4 tapped screw holes
  • (H x W x D) 162mm x 125mm x 58.5mm

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