XSPC Dual Top Preview

Test Results

By this point of the preview you’re already saying to yourself enough scrolling and text, where is the compiled data and charts…well, I won’t delay any longer. Remember, no amp draw numbers were measured and the gray areas on the data table below represent the amp draw and calc’s that are use amps for each set 0.25GPM interval.

Yeah-yeah a bunch of numbers, but what are the gains from adding a second DDC to the loop. Well, the XSPC top we have on the bench shows some rather nice scaling across the PQ curve. In the next two charts I have included the previously unreleased–by unreleased I mean my lazy butt hasn’t written the review yet–XSPC V3 DDC Top PQ. This added little bonus is only for showing the gains of adding another DDC using the XSPC Dual top. We have plans to test pumps in series, but we have to get this little power supply and amp measurement problem taken care of before we test multiple pumps on the test fixture… monitoring and regulating voltage to 12.00V is a requirement for pump testing at skinnee labs.

We cannot forget our metric system readers, and like always here is the same data just converted to LPH for flow and kPa for pressure. I like kPa versus mH20, plus I think the metric pressure standard is kPa anyhow.

Before anybody gets all rowdy about my not doing a review and releasing data on the XSPC V3 DDC Top, there is a link to just the data and standard PQ charts.


There ya have it, XSPC is bringing a restriction busting monster to market very soon. I have not heard nor want to speculate on the price you will see once the top starts hitting retailers, but knowing XSPC this will be priced very competitively It is true, the logged data is showing some major Total Dynamic Head gains over a single DDC and I for one did not expect anywhere near the performance scaling. I expected to see a 30-40% TDH gain at the sweet spot of 1.5GPM (roughly 340LPH), but we’re seeing a 2x factor here. Yes, 5.31PSI to 10.87PSI. I will state again, I haven’t looped up 2 single XSPC V3 Tops in serial yet due to my DC Power Supply problem and not being able to safely measure current draw while testing. Don’t fret though, in time I will have the gear required to log current along with voltage to complete the normal tests.

Two things you should really take away from the preview here… One being the scaling of pressure when you run two DDC’s in serial, its certainly a larger scale factor than what I anticipated. When you put two pumps in series, you’re boosting the PQ curve way up (as seen in the charts above), the restriction of your loop or pressure drop moves further along the X or flow axis…translating into a higher flow rate for your loop. And two, you don’t have to get two XSPC standard tops and loop them together with a tube bridge, XSPC brings a top that has inlet and outlet on the same plane and tries to keep the footprint as small as possible.

If you’ve been like me and on the fence about throwing a bit of caution into the wind with your pumping, quit wasting time and try dual DDC’s. The XSPC Dual DDC top certainly opened my eyes to something I was missing out on. Also, interested as to how your blocks are going to perform thanks to the extra shot in the arm? Check out Vapor’s extensive look at flow rate scaling compared to block performance. XSPC’s Dual DDC beast will be coming to a loop near you very soon!

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