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We recently got our hands on a pre-release XSPC Dual DDC Top, so what better to do than give all of you a short preview. No, this won’t be a no info photo session…when we do a preview we want you to see some performance numbers as well. Before you get ahead of yourself now lets get some things straight. Pump top reviews do include a look at pumping performance yes, if you’re expecting temperature data in a pump or pump top review well you’ve just done flipped your lid.

I’ve been a long time D5 owner and only recently started to enjoy the humm of the DDC–one turned into 3 real fast let me tell you–and of the things I’ve always seen thrown around is running dual DDC’s in a loop. Well, there is a certain community member who never finishes a build and uses zip ties instead of fan screws who requires dual DDC’s for his CPU loop. XSPC makes many a DDC accessories, if you don’t know what an XSPC Reservoir Top is…well you’ve probably stumbled into skinnee labs by accident. XSPC is well known for producing the top performing DDC tops along with DDC bay reservoirs and the crazy dual DDC bay reservoir that has two DDC’s and two loops, let us not forget the XSPC DDC Reservoir Top.

Ok, with the short intro out of the way lets move on and finally get a glimpse of the beast coming soon from XSPC.

Initial looks…

Its usually at this point of the show that I start going over all the little features of the specimen on the table… slight problem here, its a pump top, so its a very short list of features and this is a preview so very little info has been circulating. It looks as XSPC didn’t go radical with G3/8 or change up the screws either, the top comes G1/4 standard and uses the same tried and true M4 shoulder bolts. In case you want to spotlight your dual DDC beast, you’ve got 2 LED plugs waiting and ready.

A shot of the caboose gives a great perspective on the layout of the dual top. XSPC decided to have the inlet and outlet on the same plane, so there is some difference from XSPC’s prize winning single DDC standard and Reservoir tops. The top itself is thicker than your standard top, measuring in at 126mm x 72mm x 25mm (LxWxH). The extra height is used for the horizontal inlet to the top center of the impeller. The best my eyes (holding an XSPC standard top against the dual) standard and caliper can tell, the pump heads are almost identical. The one design choice that really stands out is the triple elbow or U feeding the second pump, I haven’t run DDC’s in series yet due to the power supply issue (you’ll hear about it later in the Test Setup and Methodology section) so I don’t know if the Dual Top or two standard tops looped with pump 1 direct feeding pump 2 would win the PQ drag race. The triple elbow does come with a possibly unplanned design feature, a front site-glass of the flow between pumps. I didn’t think anything of it until BlueAqua pointed it out during a Skype chat, fill those LED plugs and I bet backlighting the site glass looks pretty good.

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