We’re Back!

Announcement of returnAfter having been gone many long months, Skinnee Labs is back. First, thank you for coming back and thank you for bearing with us as we iron out the last of the issues with the site. If you find anything that does not work quite right or needs a band-aid, feel free to contact us at admin@skinneelabs.com, and we will get to the issue as soon as we can.

Why did the site go down? Due to circumstances out of our control in the real world, we became quite busy with real life and the available time that we had was consumed by other responsibilities. We intended to leave the site up so the data could be referenced and used by the community regardless of our availability. However, we did not have any intentions to perform any testing, let alone site maintenance. Unfortunately, after the site had been sitting for a while, a security vulnerability in the site was exploited, and the site was partially hijacked. No data was lost, and no personal information was obtained, but the attack (which we believe was automated, and not targeted) did do sufficient damage that work needed to be done to restore the site. We attempted to repair it immediately and manually clean the site but we were not able to satisfy our host’s security scans. Ultimately, we needed more of a rebuild and it fell by the wayside until now.

Will there be more data coming soon? No testing is currently in progress. Right now the focus is on accessibility for the old data and releasing data we have already logged. Therefore, yes, some new data supplements will be released. Testing may resume at some point but we are not sure when. The testing itself is generally enjoyable but is a lot of work and sometimes doing full reviews of everything was tedious; at times we ended up significantly postponing publishing data in an attempt to flesh out a full-fledged review. In light of this, future testing may be presented in a much more basic format. We are stilling bouncing ideas around and do not feel like we have landed on the best solution for you and us.

If there is no testing in progress or in the immediate future, what is the future of Skinnee Labs? Above all else, we will be making a concerted effort to keep the site up and you can expect to continue to have access to the site’s data. We also may push through a few things we had in the works which were nearing completion. Something you may see in the near future is the Flow Estimator (which does exactly what it sounds like). The bulk of the functionality of the Flow Estimator was completed before the site went down and we are moving forward with getting it live, even if it falls short of the initial vision we had for it.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for returning. In addition, please help us by reporting any bugs or issues that you encounter to admin@skinneelabs.com to help us get the site back up to 100%.

Lastly, a big thank you to Jonathan (m0r7if3r), we would not be publishing this post or have the site back to a viewable state without his extensive time and effort. Jonathan will continue to be a big part of our development moving forward.


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Feb 16, 2014
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Welcome back!

And a big thank you for all previous work along with this re-opening of the site!!

Feel free to do new testings when ever you can.. 😉

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Feb 12, 2014
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Welcome back. Thanks for keeping the data up and the site open.

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Feb 09, 2014
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Glad to see you back.

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