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Building on the popularity of the Laing DDC3.2/MCP355 comes the Swiftech MCP35X (Laing DDC3.25). However, the MCP35X is not just a branded Laing DDC3.25; there are some major differences this time around.

Vapor sends over his own modified Laing DDC stock top, what I like to call the Vapor Arts and Crafts special. Whatever we call it, it receives a full workout on our pump bench.

The Aqua Computer Aqua Cover single DDC top lands stateside and hits our bench for a full workup with PQ and flow rate testing with all the inlet/outlet combinations.

A little experimentation with triple DDC’s in serial using the EK Dual DDC V2 top connected to a single DDC with EK DDC X-Top V2. And to cut down on restriction, the connection is simply a D-plug.

Serial testing of the EK Waterblocks Dual DDC V2 Laing DDC top. Full workup of our normal test procedure.

Testing of Serial DDC’s, two EK X-Top V2’s connected in serial with a D-Plug. Of course, the normal PQ tests.

We get our hands on the Bitspower DDC Mini-Tank and go through a full PQ suite. Yes, we even get rid of the sponge for PQ as an added test.

Taking the Koolance COV-RP400 through PQ and flow rate testing with the Laing DDC3.2, and later the Laing DDC3.25

Bench testing of the original EK dual DDC top, the EK Turbo DDC. Yes, the pumps are connected in serial configuration, just on opposing sides of the top.

Testing of the EK DDC X-Top V2 using our standard pump test procedure as well as a few quick snaps for your viewing pleasure.

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