Swiftech MCR-320-QP

Price Considerations

I’ve been mentioning the pricing of the MCR series throughout the review. So lets take a look at some other triple radiators to compare pricing. Prices were taken on 02/22/2009.

For those of you in the western hemisphere, you have an amazing price on this radiator. For those of you in Europe, still a good price!


I began this review knowing the performance of the Swiftech through my own use, but not knowing the actual numbers. I have to say, I am quite impressed with such a slim radiator for a very good price. I am debating whether to keep the MCR320 downstairs in the lab or finally give in and let my wife use it, as she has been nagging me about her core temps lately. Either decision I make does not change the fact that the Swiftech MCR320 is a great radiator for an even better price.


    • Standard G1/4 barb ports
    • Slim design, fits in those tight areas.
    • Solid performer across all fan speeds
    • Price

    • It refused to make my morning coffee

Overall, another Swiftech product that just plain works and works well. This should not surprise any of you existing owners of the MCR320, you’ve known for quite some time that the MCR320 is a steal for the price. If you’re looking to get as much as possible out of your budget, be sure to look at the Swiftech MCR.

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