Tuniq Tower Extreme

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

After the great results, yes they are great, but I will have to wait until all coolers are tested and reviewed to hoist up the Tuniq Tower Extreme in victory. I always like seeing a cooler that comes from the shadows and knocks other coolers off their pedastal. The Tower Extreme takes the single fan performance crown using the stock fan with 62.43C; only the Megashadow with push/pull was able to produce a better core average. Even dialing the fans down, the Tower Extreme kept our toasty i7 920 D0 in check, good performance across all fan speeds. Who knows, I may just zip tie another fan to one of the sides and watch temps get lower—okay, maybe that is not practical nor needed. But none the less, Tuniq has a great design going and earns the top spot.

The performance of the Tuniq Tower matches is size, big. With an overall footprint of 151x131x113mm the TE-120 takes up a lot of space. Yes, before mounting I was rather concerned whether the cooler would fit on the X58 Classified with its large heatsinks, but the TE-120 cleared it by a few millimeters. The mount system may be a bit on the primitive side when you compare to mount systems of other top end coolers, but at the end of the day, the mount consistency was fantastic. Well, it also helped that our ambient temps were very consistent through testing. Still, my only gripe with the mounting system is having to squeeze an angled screw driver or needle nose pliers in to secure the springs and thumbnuts as there is no way my hand could would fit in there to finish tightening. So really, the only complaints are size and the last part of the mounting process, which mostly are due to my test procedure and test platform.

To be candid, the Tuniq Tower Extreme landed on our bench and surprised us with class leading performance scoring the lowest single fan core average of the coolers we have tested, which is quite a feat considering the competition. I did not think the Tuniq Tower was going to be the sleeper, but in the stealthy look I should have known. Comparatively, how much is the performance going to cost you? Well, you will be surprised but the Tuniq Tower Extreme 120 is only $64.99 from Frozen CPU and comes ready to roll right out of the box as the stock fan is what set our performance lead. Now, if you are an LGA1156 user, you can either pick up the separate mount plate or perform the simple mod to the backplate. I suspect a revision since the kit we tested supports Intel LGA775, LGA1366 and AMD’s trio of AM2, AM2+ and AM3 though. To close out, the Tuniq Tower Extreme definitely deserves your attention when shopping for a cooler. Not only is the cooler moderately priced, but bests the other top performers we have tested.

Before we finish this out, I have to thank Frozen CPU for sponsoring our Air Cooler testing and providing the Tuniq Tower Extreme 120. As always, thanks for reading and we will see you again shortly as we keep testing and reporting our findings.

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