Triple Radiator Comparison V2

Update, October 12, 2011:

Looking for the latest radiators and most recent testing? An updated Radiator Comparison has been published.
2011-2012 Radiator Comparison


Welcome to the second round or V2 of the Triple Radiator Performance Comparison. Version 2 is going to be a bit different, we’re going to focus on the compiled data for all radiators instead of how the first Triple Comparison was just a rehash of the individual Radiator reviews with only a few comparison plots. Yes, there will be less of my blabbering narration of more photos, tables, charts and plots… However, I highly recommend reading the individual reviews where each radiator gets a chance under the microscope–I prefer on the bench, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

The Round-Up

Included in this round-up are the seven (7) triple radiators I have tested thus far, some may argue the MCR320 Stack is more of a configuration but I made the call and it is included. Just like the first time around, more triples will be added to the playing field here as I test them. To call out those included (in case you missed the giant text at the top of the page), we have the HWLabs GTX360, HWLabs SR1-360, Swiftech MCR320-QP, Swiftech MCR320-Stack, ThermoChill PA120.3, The Feser Company X-Changer 360 and last but certainly not least the XSPC RX360. For this version of the comparison I chose smaller photos to help a little and give your mouse wheel finger a break.

Click the image/text to open the highly recommended individual reviews… or scroll past for page 2.

HWLabs GTX360

HWLabs SR1-360

Swiftech MCR320

Swiftech MCR320 Stackable

The Feser Company X-Changer 360

ThermoChill PA120.3

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