Thermochill PA120.3

Price Considerations

Lets be clear about one thing, the PA120.3 is not a budget oriented radiator. You have to pay the price for the solid performance across all fan speeds. Depending on your budget, you may have to sacrifice some money set aside for other components to add a Thermochill into your build. Prices were taken on 02/22/2009.

Those of you in the UK have a killer price on the PA120.3, you’re lucky the radiator is a fine product of England. I only wish I could purchase PA’s at that price!


I am no stranger to the PA120.3, I have a triple loop build full of them. I am very happy with my purchase of the three and for this round of testing I purchased a fourth. There are a couple things I am going to list off as cons, but to those who are used to ThermoChill radiators it has become just part of owning one. For one, that blasted neoprene gasket, even if I follow the recommended installation instructions or try my own method the thing just fights me every step of the way. Its like a woman trying to squeeze into jeans that are two sizes too small. The other complaint I have is the pre-flushing that has to be done prior to running the radiator, prior to testing I did pressure drop testing and ran several gallons of tap water through the radiator. But even on the bench for thermals, the water was quickly turning white from all of the flux or whatever that white residue is. No matter what, any loop you put a PA in, be ready to drain and flush regardless of the prep work before hand.


    • Incredible performance across all fan speeds
    • Extremely low pressure drop
    • Very little flow restriction
    • Did I mention performance?

    • Neoprene gasket shenanigans
    • Radiator flux and flushing

All in all, it should be quite clear why the PA120.3 has carried the “King of Cool” crown for nearly three years. Many have tried reproducing it with minor changes, some even tried a smear campaign, but in the end you cannot deny the performance of the ThermoChill PA120.3.

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