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We’ve forced the PA120.3 to drink from the faucet, applied 600w several times and discovered the revisions, time to look at price when compared to other triples. The reason I included other triples is just so we can all get the bigger picture. I believe price should be a factor in a buying decision, but not the sole factor. You really need to look at your build, the goals you are trying to achieve and which of those goals are higher priority. For instance, some want silence where others are after flow rate. Well, you get the idea. We’ll start with our subject currently under the microscope and then go alphabetical from there. Prices captured on 12/22/2009 and are subject to change from the time of review publication.


I am no stranger to the PA, I’ve been a long time user and wasn’t quite sure about the 15mm revision mostly due to my own Mountain Mods case investment. However the change to 15mm is a welcome revision, looking over the thermal results there is no measureable difference through my testing. The only other gripe that I know of in the community is the G3/8 barb ports, maybe I am just stubborn but I don’t see a problem with adapters and BP makes the ½” high flow barbs. I guess I just don’t see the gripe since rotary fittings and 45 degree snake fittings are everywhere. One more thing I have to bring up, and that is in regards to flushing. I will say this PA required the least amount of flushing of the six I have so TC is doing better, but the flushing is still required. The extra flushing preparation frustrates me, ThermoChill’s are the only radiators that require the boiling and distilled flush. If there was one thing I could change on the next revision, it would be flux… as long as it doesn’t impact performance.

The 15mm PA120.3 from ThermoChill remains the solid performer that has been the radiator to beat or match. I can’t call any radiator the King of Cool since there are low and high speed specialty radiators but the PA series is the radiator all others should be compared to. The 10FPI design performs with the top of the class across every fan speed and continues to be the lowest restriction radiator on the market. If you want to look at the ThermoChill PA120.3-15mm against other triples, check out the Triple Radiator Comparison report, which will be updated with the latest radiator testing and new C/W calculations after this review.

Overall, no real surprises with PA120.3 15mm. The ThermoChill remains one of the best radiators on the market, except for that flushing thing.


    • 10 FPI with 10mm plenum on both sides
    • Standard 15mm fan spacing
    • Matte black finish
    • Stellar performance through all fan speeds


    • Flushing preperation

To close out this test report, the ThermoChill PA120.3 remains the same radiator but now doesn’t require special fan spacing. The PA series now applies to a lot more cases, which 20mm hacked of the length helps too. Equally nice is finally putting the performance debate between the fan spacing’s to rest, there is a small difference with reduced surface area but the difference is negligible. Thanks for reading another review and a final thank you to ThermoChill for sponsoring the test.

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