Thermaltake Triple Radiator Review

Performance Results

Pressure Drop/Restriction

To quickly recap from the test method, restriction is what determines your loop flow rate and typically, less restriction (higher flow) is better. The pressure drop data table is pretty much the same as our V1 bench, just a little easier on the eyes. Charts on the other hand are the product of countless feedback from the forum community to put more reference curves on the charts, single curve alone was boring. I hope that this helps paint the picture for you…


HWLabs GTX360 and Thermochill PA120.3 are included for comparison. Serial flow… that is all.

Thermal Results

The main piece of the data supplement here. All of the now standard data tables and charts from V2 of the radiator test bench.


Simple Comparison

For all radiators included in our V2 Bench testing, a simple comparison is providided. We take a look at only the 1.6GPM flow rate, but C/W and Watts dissipated for a 10C delta are included. Following the norm, we have the Swiftech MCR320 and Thermochill PA120.3 in the charts as well..


Keep in mind that required five pumps in serial just to have the data. However, the heat dissipation was not anywhere near as awful as I thought it was going to be. Surprisingly enough I did not have a single test that reached the safety limit.

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Posted On
Jul 29, 2011
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“Yes, you read the title correctly”
haha you read my mind :)

very restrictive..

Posted On
Jun 07, 2011
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In the last graph “radiator comparison, watts dissipated for a 10 C delta” are thermochill, swiftech and phobya radiators, no thermaltake. Probably the blue line is belonging to thermaltake.

Posted On
Jun 07, 2011
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Cameron (skinnee) Shears

Ahh, good catch. Completely the wrong chart, sorry about that… I’m a little rusty from my break. Fixed.

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Jun 06, 2011
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Hmm, thermal performance “good enough”, but yeah, for rad to have such flow resistance makes it even worse choice for budget builds where TT might have tried try to fit in, as such builds often have very weak pumps with seriously lacking head pressure.
Still, was interesting to see this added to tested rads :)
BTW, how tubing gets connected to it? I saw in pics only two prefit tubing pieces and no mention on G1/4 ports in specs/feature list.

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