Thermalright Venomous X

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

I can certainly say I am a bit worn out from going through all those results, testing was no cake walk either. Additionally, I am having trouble making sense out of why the VX mounting system and thermal performance were anything but consistent. I have poured over the Venomous-X we tested and I cannot find anything that explains the inconsistency or mediocre (compared to other top coolers) thermal performance, everything appears to be normal… yeah, the base is 0.15mm thinner but that is not enough. For some impromptu tests, I swapped in the TRUE with the VX mount and VX in the TRUE mount system, which did not turn up any sort of evidence either. The only thing left would be contact of the heat pipes to the base; beyond that all I can think of is I got the runt from the manufacturing line.

With my overall confusion proclaimed and knowing full well the Venomous-X has the potential to perform, lets back to some of the features I liked. The mount collar simplifies the guessing game of how to secure the hold-downs around the socket and I feel makes an improvement over the previous mount system. The wire fan clips were a much-needed change as well, they now can stay attached and act like a swinging gate, making fan mount extremely easy. The one piece of the mounting system that makes me scratch my head is the pressure screw on the mount bar; more specifically towards why not just have 70lbs of mount pressure and did this little feature completely hose our mount consistency from the previous mount system found on the TRUE? Unfortunately, I do not have the answers to those questions either and the only way I will be sure is to snag another Venomous-X at some point and do heavy comparison testing.

Overall, the Venomous-X is the successor to the TRUE and shares the same tried and true fin tower design with the much needed improvement to the fan clips. Unfortunately, I cannot share the performance results we all expected out of the VX. Instead, we are left with questions regarding the mount system, pressure screw and manufacturing tolerances… or I am just the unluckiest tester out there. And hey, even the TRUE is up to a Rev.C, so improvements are likely. Enough beating on that drum, we still get an idea of the performance scaling to know the Venomous-X scales with more air flow, if your ears can handle the noise, I suggest toying with some open corner 25mm fans with high RPM or all out with open corner 38mm fans. Thermalright has released a Venomous-X retail package with fans, but still has the package we tested without fans and four wire fan clips. Price wise, the Thermalright Venomous-X we tested is listed at $69.99 from FrozenCPU, which is very competitive with other flagship coolers. However, make sure you have fans for the VX, and fan power is needed to pull performance from the fin tower. Looking back over the thermal results, the VX still handled the heat of our toasty Core i7 920 D0. Yeah, okay, so the 40lbs of pressure 900RPM test was a bust, but 70lbs completed all runs. To be candid for a second, I do not even see why you would run anything other than the full 70lbs and while I am fine with the feature, I question its use. But in the end, the Venomous-X did best our comparison cooler, not by as much as our expectations had in mind though. Lastly, I will eventually figure out the mount inconsistency or whatever ritual I need to perform prior to mounting, until then we end this review with un-answered questions…

One last word from me before you go, thanks to Frozen CPU for sponsoring our Air Cooler testing and providing the Thermalright Venomous-X for our lab. Thanks for reading, we will see you again shortly as we keep testing and reporting our findings.

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