Thermalright Venomous X


h3>Single Gentle Typhoon 1850 (AP-15) – 70lbs Mount Pressure

Back to a single fan, but with the pressure screw down to full stop we have the GT-1850 spinning at full speed. Mount variance keeps the trend from the previous set of results with a 0.85C total swing between mounts. The four core average lands at 65.48C, surprising result.

Gentle Typhoon spinning at 1300RPM, the core average holds just a squeek under 70, with 69.41C. Mount variation was great until the third mount, but still able to report a 1.25C total swing. At this point, I am happy with a mount variance under 2C.

Slow speed now with 70lbs of mount pressure, we nearly hit the 80C zone, but the system remained stable. I know our Core i7 920 D0 is a warm one, but glad to see the 70lb runs all complete successfully. Through 3 mounts we score a 78.39C core average and mount variance of 1.14C.


h3>Dual Gentle Typhoon 1850’s (AP-15) – 70lbs Mount Pressure

Finally, we can run the Venomous-X full out with push/pull GT-1850’s and 70lbs of mount pressure. We do stay under 2C mount variance with 1.58C, and a low core average of 63.24C

Turning down our GT’s to 1300RPM, 70lbs turns out a four core average of 66.03C and a low mount variance of 0.96C (yes, I’m thrilled with that).

Finishing out, we gimp our Gentle Typhoons to 900RPM. With the slow fan speeds, the Venomous-X turns our a 70.48C core average for the three mounts. Mount swing stays acceptable with a 1.32C variance.


h3>Comparison Results

Now to put all those tests to use and check performance scaling and to see how the Venomous-X compares to another cooler. To reiterate from the Test Methodology, the Noctua was chosen as our lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) comparison cooler since the Noctua comes with stock fans and supports dual fans which gives us the best cross comparison capabilities amongst the air coolers we test. and the Noctua NH-U12P…

Okay, so that is a lot of data to absorb. Starting out with the single GT-1850 numbers, we see the VX with 70lbs match the NH-U12P at full RPM, and surprisingly the 40lb mount beats out the 70lb at 1300RPM…odd. For push/pull, the VX with 40lbs matches the performance curve of the Noctua (1x GT-1850). However, the 2x GT-1850 VX with 70lbs. beats out the push/pull Noctua with the same fan setup. I must have the goofiest Venomous-X made; consistency is just not to be had I guess.

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