Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 (TRUE)

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

You have soldiered on through the features and specs, test methodology, poured over the performance data, and now reached the end of the review. To recap a few things, our Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Rev.C comes ready to mount for all current AMD sockets including AM2, AM2+ and AM3. On the Intel side, LGA775 and LGA1366 mounting is covered with a separate purchase required for LGA1156 compatibility. Our tested retail package included Thermalright Chill Factor TIM, anti-vibration strips and two wire fan clips for open corner 25mm and 38mm fans, but did not include the Thermalright stock fan. If you are expecting a fan, make sure to choose the right kit at time of purchase or remember to pick up a fan before clicking the checkout button.

On the physical side of the TRUE, we have a 110mm fin tower sporting forty-seven 0.5mm thick aluminum fins with 1.85mm spacing soldered to six 6mm nickel plated copper heat pipes. Those heat pipes run into an all copper base, which is nickel plated as well, the base of the TRUE is polished to an almost mirror finish (not that a perfect mirror finish would make any difference thermally). Keeping with the recap, the mount system was simple to install and provided very consistent mounts. What this means to you is that a good mount is practically guaranteed and you would really have to be trying or very unlucky to achieve a bad mount. My only gripe with the overall mount system is the way the fan clips are secured by pushing them into the square holes on the sides. I had a bit of difficulty pushing the clips into the holes, but that could have been me being overcautious and not wanting to bend/break the only set of fan clips I had. Either way, I think Thermalright could have come up with a better way to secure the fan clips, especially after going through several revisions.

The simplest way to say it, the TRUE is a classic. To draw a comparison, the TRUE is to the air cooling arena as the Thermochill PA is to radiators, and like the PA series, this classic still performs at the top of the crowd. Price wise, the Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Rev.C we tested is listed at $59.99 from FrozenCPU, which makes the TRUE one of the most attractive coolers we have tested considering price and performance. With other top end coolers going for $10-$20 more, you can match the performance with a fan of your choice at the time of purchase and still have a couple bucks left over. If you already have a TRUE, be happy that your investment in an air cooler was money well spent. In the end, the TRUE still holds its own against the newer coolers that have been designed to take over the performance crown. Our high heat Core i7 920 D0 was tamed by the TRUE and remained stable at the lowest fan speeds. For me, it is difficult not to echo what others have previously stated from their experience with the TRUE. However, I will say that if you need a cooler that performs and is affordable, then the TRUE belongs mounted to your CPU.

Before you click away, I have to thank Frozen CPU for sponsoring our Air Cooler testing and providing the Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Rev.C. Thanks for reading our review, we will see you again shortly as we keep testing and reporting our findings.

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