TFC X-Changer 360

Price Considerations

And now to the portion of the review where we evaluate the damage to our budget. Looking at the full spectrum of available Triple radiators, the TFC360 comes in at a much higher price than all the others. Yes, they do include some fan gaskets, fan and case mount screws…but the real question is whether the price premium is worth it to your project and the hit to your wallet. Prices taken on 07/05/2009.


This was my first test of a TFC product, and thankfully there are members of the community who were gracious enough to loan me their radiators for testing and photos. I have tried and tried to work with Martin and Mario of TFC, and they do not see the importance of working with the Liquid Cooling community and tests/reviews. They have a different approach to marketing and advertising their products, and that is their choice. I personally will only be able to review their products and show whether all their marketing hype is true/false by the generousity of the Liquid Cooling community. Now if I take a step out of the test and review position, this mentality still does not sit well with me, you have a company making products for us users who does not want to have participation in the community, only their hard earned money. Hopefully this will change, but I can only see change coming from the community making it known to Martin and Mario that community involvement is just as critical to a successful product as marketing hype.

Enough about the company and the two running TFC. You can see how the TFC360 performed versus the rest of the triples in the Triple Radiator Comparison report, this will be updated with the latest radiator testing and new C/W calculations after this review.

The TFC X-Changer 360 is one of the most popular triple radiators spouting a self-proclaimed “Thermochill Killer” monicker. As I have said, I had no experience with the TFC360 prior to the review and only knew of the claims. At this point, there are a number of winning qualities the X-Changer line brings to the table, including a nice matte finish, G1/4 barb ports, 15mm fan spacing thanks to a revision of the original 17mm, and copper tubes and fins with brass end tanks. The TFC X-Changer line does not plow new ground in the radiator market, but it does bring another competitive radiator into the mix when planning out your build.


    • Medium-High speed fan performance
    • Dual pass dual row flow pattern
    • G1/4 Barb ports
    • Accessories included
    • Matte black finish



    • Price versus other Triples
    • Mediocre performance at fan speeds under 1500RPM

All in all, the TFC X-Changer 360 is a good quality radiator that deserves consideration when you’re putting together the specification and budget for your build. But one thing you are going to want to debate is whether the price premium is worth it over other radiators. When the TFC360 was first released, the ThermoChill was the standard all radiators were measured by, since that time the true measurements of performance for radiators have been established and the Liquid Cooling community is more aware of what radiators are better suited for the desired fan speeds and cost is finally back in the equation. Don’t get me wrong, the TFC is a great radiator, but the question still remains…is the TFC X-Changer 360 worth the price premium to you?

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