Thermochill TA120.3

Performance Results

Pressure Drop/Restriction

To quickly recap from the test method, restriction is what determines your loop flow rate and typically, less restriction (higher flow) is better. The pressure drop data table is pretty much the same as our V1 bench, just a little easier on the eyes. Charts on the other hand are the product of countless feedback from the forum community to put more reference curves on the charts, single curve alone was boring. These should do the trick.


Comparatively the TA does very well, coming very close to matching the PA-low restriction king—proving Thermochill is staying true to tradition. Also in the charts is the GTX360, which represents the other end of the spectrum as one of the most restrictive radiators—only the Koolance CU1020V is higher. Not certain if the pump curves provide any value, the PQ intersection is for reference only, tubing and blocks will bring the loop curve up and to the left. Lastly, the change from G3/8 to G1/4 appears to have little effect on the overall restriction.

Thermal Results

The new radiator test procedure means a completely new breakdown of tables and charts, with three more flow rates something had to change. The data table is a little overwhelming unless you are looking for something specific, never fear, the charts bring all those data points together to help make some sense of it all. The combination of flow rates and fan RPM speeds makes for some rather interesting looks at both air and loop flow rates. Plus, I was tired of looking at those old charts anyway.

Remembering back to the PA review on the V1 bench, the PA did well across all fan speeds… was not the king, just always near the lead of the pack. Well, we all expect the TA to carry on the tradition. So without further delay, here are the thermals…


Thermochill’s TA performs quite well across all fan speeds, just solid performance all around. Performance scaling of the 10FPI core follows close to what I expected for both airflow and water flow rate, even though I would have preferred to see the TA peak between 1200 and 1700RPM but that is me being a bit selfish. Triple radiators are capable of handling a good heat load from your loop, seeing the numbers from the charts just always remind me we over-radiator a lot… and yes I will continue to be guilty of throwing more radiator than needed at a loop.

Simple Comparison

If the charts alone do not make much sense, maybe need another radiator or two to compare against? Yeah, we have you covered, but only an appetizer for the overall comparison coming. The last two charts we have below are the normal C/W and watts dissipated charts at 1.6GPM, and have the HWLabs GTX360, Swiftech MCR320 and the 15mm spacing Thermochill PA120.3 included now that they have completed testing using our new procedure.


The Thermochill TA does scale very well from low to high airflow, even though the PA pulls away with increased air flow. The GTX360 is just a monster with adequate airflow, a heat dissipation monster and I do like seeing the single row MCR320 perform just as well as the thicker radiators. That is all you are getting for a comparison appetizer, more to come in overall comparison.

With that said, time to recap and close out this review…

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