Swiftech MCR320-QP-Stack

Price Considerations

Time to spin the wheel on prices, this list is getting to be too long but you get a much larger perspective on pricing. The MCR320-Stack is roughly $20 US more than the regular MCR320, for that extra cash you get a MCR320 with 4 barb ports, stubby fittings, clamps and plastic rivets. I wish the price were lower, but its still a deal for the radiator surface you’re adding… but you’ll need at least 3 more fans with the purchase of an MCR320-Stack. Prices were taken on 10/04/2009.


The MCR320-Stack all started as a forum thread and resulted as a product by Swiftech. I have to give Gabe a lot of credit for listening to the community and responding with a product, that says quite a bit about the level of involvement by Gabe and Swiftech with the community. Thats not a sales pitch, so don’t get all riled up. Back to the actual Stack here, in the price consideration section I called the MCR320-Stack an MCR320 with 4 barb ports, stubby fittings and some plastic rivets because thats really what it is. Its not the holy grail of radiators like some had hoped for, you cannot just add the stack to your exsting MCR320 and magically double the heat dissipation. For any increase in performance you’re either going to get creative with the fans you have (center shrouds with high speed/pressure fans in pull or push maybe?) or add more fans. From the test runs on the bench I just don’t see the Radiator Sandwich (rads are buns, fans are the meat and cheese) working all that well. I also didn’t like the plastic rivets, I opted for screws and just having to deal with an allen wrench and pliers to fully secure the fans to the radiators. They are an option, I just did not like working with them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, before you right off the MCR320-Stack think about what you get for the price. The MCR320 which is still the best price:performance radiator available and the dual sided barb ports is nice. The stubby fittings are required to stack them, and you would have a hard time fitting that much radiator surface anywhere else. However, further testing needs to be performed on the MCR320-Stack to know the best fan setup, there are just too many options to know for sure.


    • Its an MCR320
    • 4 G1/4 barb ports, dual sided.
    • Stubby fittings for interconnecting
    • More surface are in a small space


    • More fans/configuration planning
    • Plastic Rivets

I am very delinquent at releasing the initial pass of test data and a review of the MCR320-Stack I know, and notice I say “initial pass”. With all of the other ways you could run the MCR Stack I just don’t see it right to leave it with only the sandwich method being the test data we judge the MCR320-Stack by. So, I have more testing to do with Fan and Shroud combinations to see how to pull the performance out of the radiator surface area we have. With everything else I had going on when the MCR320-Stack arrived and went into testing, the lab was a bit over stretched. With the new lab and setup we have now I can actually manage all of the testing that needs to happen, and the reviews/data release should shortly follow the testing. I’ll include this round of testing in the Triple Radiator Comparison update that is next on the list for updates and release, but Stack testing will start very soon.

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