Swiftech MCR320-QP-Stack


Before we roll into the test report a big thank you to Gabe and Michelle at Swiftech for stashing a MCR320 Stack away in case a test came up. Many of you know Gabe from the forums, but one thing many people forget is Gabe is and always will be an enthusiast, he just happens to run a company that follows our addiction. Gabe, Michelle and everyone at Swiftech is always open to answering questions and taking care of their customers. That mentality is a pleasure to deal with and one I will gladly support! Thanks again Swiftech!

This test report is going to be a bit different from the normal reviews I publish here at skinnee labs, the reason being the MCR320 Stack is a product addition to MCR320. The MCR320 Stackable is built off the same design of the original MCR320-QP, with barb ports on both sides instead of the normal configuration of having barb ports on just the one side. Design wise, that is the only change, but the purchased product comes with more than just a radiator.

For more information on the Swiftech MCR320, please check out the full review here at skinnee labs.


As I stated in the Intro of this review, the MCR320 Stackable is built from the same high performance core as the slim MCR320. The major difference here is the barb ports on both sides allowing for parallel flow when stacking the radiator onto a MCR320. The fan spacing, fins per inch and overall construction remain constant. Swiftech once again thought ahead when it came time to release the MCR320 Stack and included special "ultra-short 1/2in." or stubby fittings for connecting the two rads together flow wise along with some reusable plastic rivets. I had a heck of a time using the plastic rivets so I went with traditional 6-32 screws instead, you can see the screws and fiber washers that I used in the opening photo. I always use washers on the screws when mounting fans to a radiator, just to give me that extra 1/8″ to prevent puncturing a tube. As I always state, double check the screw length when mounting fans, there is nothing worse than puncturing a tube on your brand new radiator. But before we take a look at the fan spacing and FPI, lets take a closer look at those stubby fittings and the pass-through flow design of the MCR320-Stack.

The next two photos show the standard 15mm fan spacing and 14 FPI, which as I said before are the same as the regular MCR320.

Fins Per Inch

With the standard introduction and special features of the MCR320 Stackable behind us, lets move on to the Pressure Drop portion of the show. I was a little surprised with the pressure drop numbers, but you’ll see for yourself on the next page.

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