Swiftech GTZ and GTZ SE


<p>This conclusion is as data-centric as any of my preceding reviews...I've been bundling blocks by maker and this is no exception. I was really, really surprised to see the GTZ SE perform differently than the GTZ, let alone by so much. The GTZ SE's metal top is clearly superior for the bow Swiftech induces. I would absolutely not extrapolate out these results to other metal top blocks, however. Each manufacturer implements their own form of bow (even if it hard to see, each one is unique) and there may be cases that the metal top options for other makers doesn't affect the bow at all. It's obviously something that needs further investigation.</p>
<p>As for the mounting system of the Apogee GTZ, it should be mimicked by all manufacturers. It's simply superior. It easily produces repeatable mounts with ideal pressure. I tried increasing the mounting pressure using washers between the mounting plate and the mounting screws, and all it did was make temperatures worse. Swiftech got it right, others need to follow.</p>
<p>The Apogee GTZs are great blocks...build quality is second to none and performance is very good. The mounting system is, basically, perfect.
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