Swiftech GTZ and GTZ SE

Thermal Test Results

<p>Now finally some results!  First up, the individual configurations testing.</p>

    <p>The first odd result I've ever had with my testing. For the record, the exact same base, mounting plate, bowing plate, o-ring, distribution insert, and mounting screws were used. The only thing changed was the top. The tops are, aside from material, identical as far as I can tell. Furthermore, the airflow over the socket I provide for MOSFET cooling is, at best, water temperature (it's usually .3C higher than water temps). So the &quot;radiator effect&quot; of a metal top is totally non-existent here. That really leaves one option--it's a structural advantage. The GTZ uses a very deliberate bow in its design and it seems the stronger metal top is more effective at implementing the bow. In turn, the GTZ SE does noticeably outperform the GTZ. </p>
    <p>I do have a spare base here that's seen a lot of mileage (and isn't looking so good), but I'll use it to see if I can unlock some more performance, akin to what I did with the Heatkillers (the mods I have in mind require physical modification to the base). I'll report back if it's a fruitful venture.</p>

Specific Pumping Power

<p>Now that we've figured out what the best configuration is for each block, let's chart its performance over the entire flowrate spectrum.</p>
  <li><b>Very High Pumping Power</b>: All three MCP355 pumps and the D5 are on at full speed--this has a very similar PQ curve to a pair of RD-30s at 20V.</li>
  <li><b>High Pumping Power</b>: Two MCP355s with EK V2 tops are on at full speed. The other two pumps are off.</li>
  <li><b>Medium High Pumping Power</b>: A single MCP355 with XSPC V3 top is on at full speed. The other three pumps are off.</li>
  <li><b>Medium Pumping Power</b>: The stock D5 is on at full speed and setting 5. The other three pumps are off.</li>
  <li><b>Low Pumping Power</b>: A single MCP355 with XSPC V3 top is on at minimum speed (~7.7V, ~2450RPM). The other three pumps are off.</li>
  <li><b>Very Low Pumping Power</b>: The stock D5 is on at minimum speed--setting 1. The other three pumps are off.</li>

  <p>Note: I do 5 mounts at "Medium High" then take the best config of a block and test the whole flow spectrum (after a TIM curing session) then realign that curve with average of the 3 median mounts to give you the "Adjusted" data.</p>

Other Graphs

More graphs for your enjoyment…let’s start with reusing the flow vs. temperature data, but including pump heatdump (i.e., CPU vs. air temps). I have two iterations of it: CPU temperatures vs. my air temperatures and a setup with my water-to-air delta included twice more. The latter is to mimic a setup with one third the radiator power of my setup (roughly a 120×3 radiator with 1600RPM fans).

<p>Note: these results are derived from adding the water-to-air delta three times to my water temps.  I add them three times to emulate the radiator power of a loop with 1/3rd the radiator power mine has.  I use 2xMCR320s with push-pull 2200RPM Yate Loons and the data emulates the conditions of a loop with a single 120x3 radiator with ~1600RPM fans. </p>
<p>Here we can see both blocks showing benefit with all pumping power on my testbed. Like most blocks before it though, it's best performance with 1/3rd the radiator power is with dual DDCs. The GTZs like pumping power for sure.</p>
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