Swiftech Apogee XT rev2 Review

A Further Look at Performance (cont’d)

Mounting Variance:

(*) Note that the Enzotech Stealth’s stock mounting system broke (as did the backup) and was replaced by a similar-in-function mounting system (floating mounting plate, threaded posts, thumbnuts and springs); frankly, the replacement mounting system is probably a better mounting system than the stock one.  The floating mounting plate of the Enzotech Stealth really makes consistent mounting difficult.

For this, we’re looking at the seven MX-2 mounts and seven ATSG mounts and taking a weighted average of the deviation across mounts (grouped by TIM).  What this chart is trying to show is how much variation in performance there is due to the mounting system and how the block mates to the IHS.  Lower means performance is more consistent across mounts.

What the data tells us is that the Apogee XT rev2 is only okay with mounting consistency despite having a great mounting system. The cause? The thumbscrews not going directly into the mounting holes when placing the block and sometimes forcing a corner to be lifted to get it to work. I know that all the worst mounts were ones that required the block to be lifted slightly to move a thumbscrew into position.

Contact Quality

If we combine the results of Indigo Xtreme’s best mount, MX-2’s average mount, and ATSG’s average mount, we get this:

The Apogee XT rev2 performs pretty similarly to the CPU-370 with all TIMs, with only slightly more degradation each time you decrease TIM quality.

What does this say? The Swiftech Apogee XT rev2 makes really good contact.  What’s more impressive is that it does it without excessive mounting pressure.

This chart does not take into account subjective experience of using the mounting systems, just how it performs with regards to contact quality and consistency.  The closer to the bottom left, the better it is in both quality and consistency. The block does have an impact on both scores, so it’s a not pure mounting system metric, but rather how the mounting system works with the block.

Empirically, the Apogee XT rev2 has one of the best performing mounting system + bows.  It makes very good contact and has okay consistency and is really easy to use–it’s a great mounting system.

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May 20, 2011
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I must say that all swiftech products that use the same base with the so called “micropins” share the same problem…

I had the GTZ and the problem is, it is TOO MICRO ! meaning that any debris in the liquid will get caught in those micro channels and eventually the base will lose the micropins performance level and will perform much worse…

I sold my GTZ after I saw that happen a few times and I could NOT clean it.

I got the heatkiller v3.0 – the liquid I use is never debris free but the heat killer is MUCH easier to clean.

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