Swiftech Apogee XT rev2 Review

The Block

Here you can see the full Apogee XT rev2 and its assembled mounting system. Out of the box it comes assembled and in this form.

Here you can see the base reflection and the impressions of the bow. If you look closely at the text in the reflection you can see an X-shaped pinch, that is the bow. These pictures have been taken on a fresh block, there is no wear on the base yet.  Peeking into the base, you can see some of the micropins.  They’re not perfectly machined, but that should have basically zero effect on performance and durability.

Here you can see the configurable inlet plate removed and ready for position switching. Flip the top over and you can see the new top internals in rev2.  Not sure why the internals are so blue (it’s not the photo, it is that blue in real life).

Here we can see the micropins on the base. Again, not perfectly machined, but the variation should have near-zero impact on performance and zero impact on durability.

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May 20, 2011
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I must say that all swiftech products that use the same base with the so called “micropins” share the same problem…

I had the GTZ and the problem is, it is TOO MICRO ! meaning that any debris in the liquid will get caught in those micro channels and eventually the base will lose the micropins performance level and will perform much worse…

I sold my GTZ after I saw that happen a few times and I could NOT clean it.

I got the heatkiller v3.0 – the liquid I use is never debris free but the heat killer is MUCH easier to clean.

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