Skinnee Labs 2010

As many of you can see, 2010 brought about a few changes at Skinnee Labs. The first big change and most noticeable was the site upgrade from static HTML to a Content Management System and site redesign. We moved all of the content over from the old site to the new, I wanted to make sure the work we did in 2008 and 2009 was readily available and not lost in an archive site somewhere. There is still some major work that we need to do and some clean-up to get the new site running as Vapor and I envisioned, but the new layout and CMS backend are working well. Do not hesitate to contact us if have an improvement idea, find a mistake, 404-Page not found or just want to provide some general feedback. Skinnee Labs originated as a means to give back to the PC Enthusiast community and that will always be our primary mission, the more feedback we receive the better the site and content will become.

Second, we are widening our coverage from High-End/Extreme Liquid Cooling to include Entry Level Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling and maybe some hardware too. On the hardware side of things, don’t look for super in-depth reviews, there are many other excellent review sites that already have hardware coverage that is of the same standard we strive for in PC Cooling. However, we continually update our test benches in order to bring you the best testing and reviews of PC Cooling and the least we can do is show you what we are putting in our rigs and cover the benchmarking side of our builds. Now, the expansion of our test coverage is in response to the feedback we receive from you the readers and the evolution or natural progression of Skinnee Labs itself. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you who sent in feedback and request to expand our testing coverage. Without your feedback, I never would have even looked at Entry-Level Water or Air Coolers. After reading your emails, forum PM’s and a lot of deliberation on whether we should venture out of our comfort zone… we have decided to give it a go. Don’t fret, we will continue to cover High-End/Extreme Liquid Cooling, we are just applying the same thorough test methods and honest review policy to other areas of PC Cooling.

One change that comes with the CMS backend is what you are reading here… blog style updates or what we have termed Articles/Logs. We are quite excited about this little addition that gives Vapor and I the ability to keep you all updated on our activity while testing, experimenting and parts we get our hands on. We can now post more updates and general information without all of the extra work involved in the old site format, for you this means a reprieve on the wait times between receiving gear and the published full reviews.

Toture Rack lab bench, another test bedI don’t want to make this first update too long, so I’ll save the test bench #2 project log for another update. However, to stick with Skinnee Labs tradition I have to include a little eye candy to fuel your appetite for the next update.

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