Prolimatech Mega Shadow

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

At this point in the review you should have no doubts on the performance ability of the Prolimatech Mega Shadow, the performance scaling of the Mega Shadow is quite impressive to say the least. However, if you are one who likes to control your fans down to low RPM just be sure to turn the knob back up when you put your machine under load as the Mega Shadow does not do so well with a single low speed fan. Our recommendation is to be smart up front and purchase fans that have low noise while maintaining good airflow, like the Gentle Typhoons. If you can tolerate the noise, go nuts on your fan selection and you could even pick up the 38mm fan clips if you wanted to go all out. Either way, the Mega Shadow is a performance optimized cooler and looks good all dressed up in a black nickel finish while keeping your temperatures under control.

If you have not noticed just how much I like the mounting system Prolimatech came up with then you have not been paying attention. For starters, I prefer a mounting system that allows you to dismount the cooler with ease and keeps the backplate in place allowing for a quick remount. Once you have the backplate and mount arms secured, you only need to deal with the two mount screws and springs that secure that mount bar holding the cooler in place on the CPU. For me, the time to remove, clean and remount the Mega Shadow in between tests was well under ten minutes and much closer to five minutes… big thumbs up for a tester/reviewer. The other big thing was how consistent the mount system proved to be, which for the general population means you are assured a good mount nearly every time, you would have to really try to botch the mount. However, if you are looking for AMD socket compatibility out of the box you will be disappointed… you will need to purchase the AMD mount kit as a separate purchase. Once you have the cooler mounted and are securing your fans the wire clips do not require any extra fumbling, they just go on without a lot of fuss or pulling to try and make them reach the spots they were designed to fit into. The fan clips also hook into the external face of the fan, meaning you do not have to worry about selecting open or closed corner 25mm fans.

Overall, Prolimatech designed one hell of a heatsink that performs at the top of the class and is one of the easiest coolers to prep, mount and get running for your system. I certainly like the look of the black nickel finish covering every millimeter of the Mega Shadow. As much as the performance only crowd will argue against aesthetics being a factor, the looks of any component come into play when your are visualizing your system as you select components for your rig. Price wise, the Mega Shadow comes in at $77.99, which is on the high side of air coolers in general, but you do get incredible performance and top notch usability. However, be sure to pick up some fans with purchase if you are selecting the Mega Shadow (or any Prolimatech cooler) for your machine. Yes, this does extend your total cooling costs. If you want to save a bit and you can go without the black nickel finish, choose the more competitively priced Megahalems Rev. B and snag a good fan to keep the costs down. To sum it all up, if you want all out performance and a great mounting system, your choice should go to Prolimatech..

Before we cork this review, I have to thank Frozen CPU for sponsoring our Air Cooler testing and providing a Prolimatech Mega Shadow for your viewing pleasure. Thanks again for reading another Skinnee Labs review, if you enjoyed the read then stay tuned for many more reviews to come.

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