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From the initial forum photos and debate to the end of testing, the PrimoChill Typhoon III has been one surprise after another. As I mentioned in the intro, I was one of the many (pretty much everyone) that were skeptical of running two loops from one Laing D5. Skeptical–ok, let’s be honest…we called it insane and other colorful terms that amounted to pointing and laughing. After the time I’ve spent on the bench with the T3, I will gladly admit I was wrong–the dual loop capability and performance are a truly revolutionary leap forward with the D5. The proof is in the data, and the last three charts show exactly what the Typhoon III can bring to your loop. You can easily run two full traditional loops off ONE Typhoon III with D5. That takes a whole bunch of the loop cost and sticks it right back into your wallet (for more water cooling parts of course). You can snag a major performance improvement that costs less than providing pump power and reservoirs for that second loop.

I do need to take a step away from performance a bit because if this review was only about the numbers I would be doing all of you a disservice since the Typhoon III is really a collection of many well planned ideas which were executed very nearly to perfection. After countless installs, fills, air bleeds, draining, rinse and repeats, I can confirm that the T3 has really been designed with ease of use as a primary goal. No black magic involved, just good old fashioned attention to the little details by a designer that has obviously built a lot of machines over the years and I believe genuinely cares about the guys new to water cooling. To back up that claim, I will point you to and tell you to check out the article index for how-to articles.

It is a nice change of pace to see a product hit the bench that is not just about pure performance, but one that also recognizes usability as an integral component of real world performance. If it goes like crazy but makes you crazy using it…well, as long as it goes like crazy we’re all good. Seriously though, not cursing the whole install is a nice change.

Be sure to read Page Two for all the details that go into making the Typhoon III user friendly.


    • Dual Loops from 1 Pump
    • Blow your mind flow performance from a D5 in dual outlet config
    • Easy installation, fill/bleed
    • Breakthrough design of performance and usability
    • Amazing system flow rates (yes, its worth mentioning twice)


The Typhoon III that hit my bench was a great test subject, but there are some minor things I have to point out. There is a scratch-like mark on the right front port as seen from the front that is repeated on the inside and outside of the front that looks very much like a crack. I did not notice it until It was brought to my attention (by PrimoChill) because, although you can see it if you look closely when the T3 is empty, it is invisible when filled. According to PrimoChill, “Although, it looks like a fine crack, it is actually a flaw in the mold that needs to be polished out. Unfortunately, the first 1,000 parts were delivered before anyone noticed it so it’s there till that batch is gone.” Also, on the edge where the top meets the face, toward the right side, there is a very slight imperfection called a molding spru (an air passage in the mold that lets entrapped air escape as the molten plastic is injected). You can feel it with your finger more than you can see it, and it’s not visible when installed.

My test unit did not have this, but seeing user photos posted in the forums there is a bonding strip that wraps around the two pieces of the T3, this change was made to quell the outbursts by some community members who want to use non-PrimoChill UV reactive coolant that contains Ethylene Glycol. I understand the need for it, but the amber colored bonding strip IS visible. It will not show in 95% of the installs because you normally only see the front and back, but anyone running a bench type system or a clear case needs to be aware. If I did use a points system, I would subtract a point for the bonding band. At some point in the future PrimoChill may find a clear method that works as well. If they do, I will gladly give the point back.

One last little thing, to do with fittings…I use Bitspower High Flow barbs, and had no problems threading in the barbs, but some people are experiencing pains with the o-rings on some brands of fittings. If you want to use fittings other than BP High Flows or the Ghost Compressions that come with the Typhoon III, you may need thicker o-rings. They can’t design for every fitting.


    • Slight molding imperfections
    • Alternate fittings may need thicker o-rings
    • Amber bonding strip
    • Difficult to understand parallel loops
    • Poor acrylic manufacturing and inevitable cracking


The tests and review you just completed reading was a challenge, a great learning experience and a fun three weeks. Yes, from start to finish the whole thing took a little over three weeks. A bit longer than anyone would have preferred I know. From the initial threads that popped up once photos started to appear and discussions of this taboo parallel flow beast to the present, the Typhoon III is finally here and ready to be unleashed on your loops. If you have not been able to tell from all of the above, I think the Typhoon III is a great product, one that has the users’ needs in mind as well as a major shift in loop design with a kick in the performance pants that will leave a mark. If you are just planning a build and debating on whether or not to run two loops, no need…pick up the Typhoon III with D5 Vario and be on your way. I am still in awe over how the Typhoon III brought forward so many new design concepts to reality…we might have to initiate a yearly award system just to crown the PrimoChill Typhoon III the Most Innovative Water Cooling product of the year. I know the year is only half over, but I cannot imagine something else this flat out innovative stealing that crown…if this were to happen, it would be another design by BoxGods I suspect as I have seen the new Radiator line (code named RainMaker) he is working on and I will be stunned if these radiators don’t blow your socks off even more than the Typhoon III. I seriously doubt that when RainMaker pictures start popping up in forums anyone is going to be “pointing and laughing”. Congratulations on Typhoon III and a Well Done to PrimoChill!

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