Koolance Announces RP-402X2

Easily combine Koolance’s compact high pressure pumps into dual or serial/redundant loops! RP-402X2 is a dual 5.25″ bay reservoir designed for one or two Koolance PMP-400 pumps (not included). Using a convenient side plug, the front reservoirs can be separated or combined without disassembling the unit. Both front and top fill ports are available for each reservoir.

Key differences vs. last model:

  • Obviously, this one’s for DDC pumps instead of the D-5.
  • The two reservoirs in front can be left completely separated or combined into one tank. This allows either dual/parallel or serial REDUNDANT loops.
  • We’ve added a side plug that allows the reservoirs to be combined or separated without disassembling the unit. There’s a picture of this below.
  • Front (black) fill ports! There’s still top fill ports for each reservoir as well.
  • Lots of distance between rear nozzle sockets for better support of 3rd-party fittings.
  • To assist with loop-backs on the rear of the product, we will be releasing some new sliding 180ยบ connection nozzles soon.
  • This was added into the RP-450X2 later in its production, but we’ve kept the front printing on the RP-402X2 smaller and less obtrusive.

Materials are the same, solid acetal with acrylic/aluminum bezel, nickel-plated brass fittings and EPDM o-rings. We’ll also be selling a silver aluminum bezel for this model.

Koolance RP-402x2Koolance RP-402x2 2Koolance RP-402x2
Koolance RP-402x2 2Koolance RP-402x2 2

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