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Announcement of return

After having been gone many long months, Skinnee Labs is back. First, thank you for coming back and thank you for bearing with us as we iron out the last of the issues with the site. If you find anything that does not work quite right or needs a band-aid, feel free to contact us […]


We’re in the process of reviewing Tuniq TX-2, TX-3, and TX-4 but we’ve come across a bit of a snag. It seems there’s an issue with TX-3 and TX-4, specifically with some especially dry paste.

Over the past three weeks both Swiftech and EK have announced modifications (in one way or another) to their flagship CPU blocks. Koolance got to the punch earlier with releasing the CPU-370 and we figured others would be releasing tweaks and new blocks as well, but that is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow […]

Arctic Cooling, the makers of the MX series of thermal pastes, has actually not killed off the great MX-2.

As part of the upcoming article on Universal VGA blocks, we have the first contest here at Skinnee Labs. In keeping with our data driven approach, this contest will be one based on data… Well, unused data anyway.

Aqua Computer announces the details of the Aquearo 5 in the Liquid Cooling section on XtremeSystems.

RP-402X2 is a dual 5.25″ bay reservoir designed for one or two Koolance PMP-400 pumps (not included).

Thermochill, a name that has been synonymous in radiator performance thanks to the long-standing PA series […]

  • 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison
    Following Eric's lead, this is the full collection of results from the V2 Radiator Bench or let us call it 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison. When new results go up, this post will be updated. In this compilation post, the overall performance overview will be slightly simpler, with the full in-depth look available in the individual reviews or data supplements.
  • Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 Review Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 Review
    Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 hit our testbed and fare pretty well but there are concerns with pricing and batch variance.
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