Arctic Cooling MX-2 not EOL’d

Arctic Cooling, the makers of the MX series of thermal pastes, has actually not killed off the great MX-2.  Instead, they have designated MX-3 for EOL (End Of Life).

In my past two Thermal Compound reviews, I’ve alluded to and mentioned how MX-2 was going away (and if you followed retailers’ stock, it was disappearing).  I lamented this because I wasn’t really fond of MX-3 and because MX-2 has some really great qualities: it was pervasive, moderately inexpensive, viable as a testing TIM, really easy to use, and performed really well on all types of components.  Well, turned out “was” became “is.”

In fact, Arctic Cooling has ended up expanding its MX-2 offerings to four different sizes; it’s now available in 4g, 8g, 30g, and 65g syringes.

For size comparison, here’s an image of a 30g syringe alongside a 65g syringe.

(image is courtesy of



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