In the Lab Update vol.1

We have been rather quiet over the past two weeks working like crazy on several different things. I had expected to get another blog post up earlier than this, but a large shipment of Air Coolers landed at our door thanks to FrozenCPU. As you can probably guess I have been pre-testing on the bench to make sure the test procedure was ready for full on testing. No, results are not ready but you can be sure there will be lots of data for your viewing pleasure in the next couple weeks. For now, here is a glimpse of the coolers, extra fans and TIM for the round up.

Sticking with CPU cooling, Vapor is back slaving away on CPU blocks with the EK Supreme HF and recently announced Koolance CPU-360. You can expect the same in-depth tests and write-up for the Supreme HF and Koolance CPU-360 once Vapor has completed testing and ready to release the data. In addition, the next update will include the HeatKiller 3.0 Cu. We will finally have the published data to enforce or squash the theory that the Cu outperforms the LT… there has been so much debate on that topic, it will be great to finally put the speculation to rest either way.

Now I know I talked about the new bench I have in my lab, but the Torture Rack has been partially dismantled for Air Cooler testing. No worries though, only the CPU loop has been removed for air cooling tests and the CPU loop can be put right back rather quickly. However, I did finally upgrade the wooden beast of a bench I had been using since the start of Skinnee Labs… MSI provided an acrylic showcase bench table as a gift at their Elite Overclocking Summit in Taipei. Yes, I was lucky enough to get an invite and travel to Taiwan for a few days of LN2 benching on some new products from MSI. And yeah, it is a little weird putting an Asus board on an MSI Big Bang bench but I hope that changes soon.

Besides the new bench, I also returned from Taipei with LN2 fever and have to thank Fugger, Gomeler and Gautam of XtremeSystems for helping to accelerate the sickness. I think I have the fever under control for now, but the Koolance LN2 CPU Evaporator Rev.2 is constantly begging to be mounted up and ready for several liters of LN2 on a weekend bench session.

I told you we have been working like crazy on several different things. Queued up for the next article are some early results from the Air Cooler Round-Up currently underway, stay tuned for another update in the very near future.

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