Koolance Bay Reservoir Testing

The highly anticipated Koolance Bay Reservoirs landed in the lab this week, and it is time to get some testing underway. Well, the Koolance RP-450X2 has been in the lab for a while and has been tested, but Koolance released a revision faster than we were able to get the data and article posted. Lucky for you, you will be getting the articles trickled out over the next few days.

The Koolance RP bay reservoir family The RP-450X2 and the newer RP-452X2 The highly requested DDC version of the RP X2 series

The really interesting aspect of the Koolance RP X2 series is the ability to run just a single pump with the ability to add a second once your machine requires the addition… Thats right, the second pump location is blocked off with a plate until you are ready to use it. For those of you looking to run the dual pumps in serial, well lets save that for testing and the full review.

Thats enough from me for now, the pump bench is calling my name.


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Mar 08, 2011
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Hows the testing going?

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Mar 10, 2011
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Cameron (skinnee) Shears

I was sitting on the data until the serial connectors from Koolance were released. Now that I have those, I’ll get them tested and get the data out soon.

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Feb 10, 2011
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Thanks for great review/test as always outstanding job SL
P.S.love the New and Improved Look!

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