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Like all radiators that make their way into the lab, we have thrown a lot of wattage, forced 5GPM through and photographed the Koolance CU1020V under hot lights. Now it has come time to see how the compares price wise to other triples. Leading into the price table, the CUV price is very attractive. We will start with our subject currently under the microscope and then go alphabetical from there. Prices captured on 12/25/2009 and are subject to change from the time of review publication.


Koolance has a slim, high FPI animal is what it comes down to. That animal has a couple of requirements though, a high flow loop and high CFM/static pressure fans. The high flow description Koolance gives the product is certainly accurate. The slim form factor and small footprint overall are what standout most from the time I spent with the CuV, but the high flow requirements limit some of the builds I would use the CU1020V for. For instance, home servers and crunchers will gladly take the high-speed fans but I don’t see an HTPC sporting a CuV anytime soon. I shouldn’t polarize the uses that much, after all that middle ground is exactly where most of our builds fit and I occasionally run Yate Loon D12SH12’s which top out at 2100RPM.

From a features and specs perspective, the Koolance CU1020V follows the standard, 15mm spacing and M4 pre-tapped mount holes. The barb port adapters (included) take standard G1/4 fittings, barbs, compressions, elbows you name it. Also included are M4 30mm screws, use the included screws for 25mm fans but if you’re strapping 38mm fans to the CuV then you’ll need M4 10mm screws from your local hardware store or etailer. On the 10mm M4 screws I also used fiber washers, the slick tube guard is there, but I prefer to use washers anytime I mount fans to a radiator.

In the charts for thermal results we compared the CuV to the PA120.3 and restriction compared the CuV and MCR320, if you want to see how the Cu1020V measures up against other triples, check out the Triple Radiator Comparison report, which will be updated with the latest radiator testing and new C/W calculations after this review.


    • Slim form factor
    • 30 FPI – 1800+RPM fans only
    • Standard fan spacing, M4 tapped
    • G1/4 barb ports using adapters
    • Matte black finish


    • High restriction

Closing out another review, the CuV was an enjoyable set of tests. While being no stranger to Koolance components this was the first opportunity I have had to kick the tires on their radiators, copper radiators at that. If memory serves me correctly, radiators were the last major component in Koolance’s switch from aluminum to copper. Yes, Koolance has to continue their aluminum products thanks to legacy systems and customers but the change to copper is complete. Koolance does have another copper radiator known as the CU1020H if the CuV doesn’t trip your trigger. Once again, thanks for reading another review and a huge thanks to Koolance for sponsoring the testing.

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