Koolance CU1020H

Price Considerations

Like all radiators that make their way into the lab, they get looked over and worked over quite rigorously. The CU1020H was no different. We threw a lot of wattage and high pressure flow rates through the CuH and reported here on the numbers logged. Now it is time to see how the CuH compares price wise to other triples. Leading into the price table, the CUH is priced for the mid range market. We will start with our subject currently under the microscope and then go alphabetical from there. Prices captured on 12/25/2009 and are subject to change from the time of review publication.


The Koolance CU1020H is a unique radiator sporting barb ports coming directly out of the radiator rather than at a 90. The other piece I find unique is the 20FPI especially for a “Low Flow” radiator. Higher FPI usually requires more fan power to dissipate the heat loads, but the CuH does quite well at the medium fan speeds, which was certainly a surprise. The CU1020H comes very close to matching the PA120.3 at 1400 and 1800RPM, which I have to say is very good for a sub $80 radiator. Most of you will run your fans somewhere in the medium speed range, at least that is what I have gathered reading all of those forum threads. As for the barb port orientation, with all the 90’s and 45-degree fittings I see, I highly doubt that the barb ports will be a problem in builds… after all we have come up with some crafty methods to solve tube routing.

The CuH follows the standard on fan spacing though, M4 tapped mount holes as well. I guess for mount holes you can go 6-32 or M4, either way you’re making it difficult on one continent. However, I have been lucky at finding M4 screws in various lengths at my local Ace hardware store… Not Home Depot or Lowes. I used 30mm M4 (included) for mounting the 25mm fans and 10mm M4 for the 38mm screamers, only 10mm since the 38’s are open corner. Of course, the fiber washers were there… even if they give me 1mm I still use them. Remember the logo side only has a 6mm plenum, be sure to get the proper length screws. Puncturing a tube is a nightmare you never want to experience.

In the charts for thermal results we compared the CuV to the PA120.3 and restriction compared the CuV and MCR320, if you want to see how the CU1020H measures up against other triples, check out the Triple Radiator Comparison report, which will be updated with the latest radiator testing and new C/W calculations after this review.


    • Solid medium and high speed performance
    • Standard 15mm fan spacing, M4 tapped
    • Parallel G1/4 barb ports
    • Gloss black finish


    • Below average low fan speed performance

To close out the review of the Koolance CU1020H, I have to admit to being in robot mode for this one. The CuH is the 12th radiator review–yup, a nice dozen– that I’ve performed. The Koolance CU1020H is a good radiator, the only negative I can think of a is low speed fan performance… okay, so the European sub 600RPM crowd won’t like it. The standout points on the CuH are the barb ports and that Koolance touts Copper radiators in their product line up (which I am happy to see). With the radiator market having more and more selection in all fan speed ranges, we start to look at aesthetics for our builds or what slight differences each radiator has that we consider. I hope that the photos and my wacky descriptions help in your selection process… Be sure to give the CuH some thought for your build. As always, thanks for reading another review and a huge thanks to Koolance for sponsoring the testing.

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