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So I’ve said this a few times already, but I’m going to say it again: this is just a performance preview, not the full review.  I wouldn’t conclude from this that the Supreme HF Ni is better performing than the CPU-370, but I would take away that the CPU-370’s solid performance can be improved with a new injection plate, that the CPU-360 rev1.1 base might be a worthwhile improvement to the CPU-370 base, and that the CPU-370 made significant improvement over the CPU-360 rev1.1 when it comes to CPU contact (which I thought was its weakest quality).  What does the improved contact mean?  It means TIM is less important to total performance and that means, when used with most TIMs, better performance.

The most basic way to say it is, in my opinion, the best block from 2010 just got a sizable upgrade.  This isn’t a minor revision to improve compatibility or durability, this is a new block to address the few shortcomings the CPU-360 had.  And there’s still more performance to extract from it.   No other block on the market gets the “little things” more right than this one does; second on the list is Koolance’s own CPU-360.

2011 will be interesting for CPU blocks.  We know EK is coming out with a new (and much needed) mounting system for their CPU blocks, Swiftech is releasing a lower restriction revision of their great Apogee XT, and surely all the other companies aren’t going to sit back and watch.  CPU-370 looks to be a great first step in 2011.

In a few weeks we’ll have the full review up, complete with flow rate/pumping power vs. temperature analysis, a TIM-dependence metric (or a contact quality metric, depending how you look at it), and a more final opinion of the performance of the CPU-370 when used with enthusiast-class TIM and a better impression of how it compares to its competition.

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Apr 19, 2011
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Nice review.. any plans for installation videos?
coverage of mounting with indigo extreme’s unconventional methods would make a great companion combined with coverage of the koolance mounting system.
The full coverage removal/installation videos have me returning to the skinnee pages often!

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Apr 19, 2011
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Eric (Vapor) Hassett

We’ve talked about installation videos amongst ourselves but as it is now, there are no immediate plans for the CPU blocks.

I personally feel a photo shoot is better as a guide/walkthrough for block installation because you progress through the pictures at your own pace rather than having to keep pausing/starting/rewinding.

One disadvantage is you don’t get to see how easy/hard/time consuming certain steps are….like threaded the four nuts down on the threaded posts for the EK mounting system can take awhile. Getting the hex couplers and the backplate screws to thread (for the Aqua Computer kyros XT/HF) can also be an extremely hard step, which is hard to see with pictures. But in those cases I get to use words to convey how difficult it is.

The last issue is the actual difficulty in recording the video–I don’t have a way to record video right now.

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