Koolance CPU-360


>The CPU-360 gets more things right than any other block I’ve seen. Performance is top-flight, restriction is low enough to be zero concern, and the mounting system is great. The mounting system is compatible with nearly every modern socket without having to buy any extra parts and the block does not have to be disassembled to swap mounting plates. Compared to the Heatkillers, which need to be fully taken apart and uses hidden pins to hold the mounting plates, this is a huge improvement. Compared to the Supreme HF, the overall build quality is simply higher on the CPU-360. Additionally, I’ve had issues with rusting with my Supreme, Supreme LT, and Supreme HF screws–if they get wet and you let them air dry, they rust and it is not a good look when your clear-topped block has rust stains at the screws.

The performance of the CPU-360 might not quite match the Supreme HF P1, but it does so much else right that deciding between the two is a tough call. The mounting system of the CPU-360 is vastly superior and that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s not as idiot-proof as the Swiftech mounting system but it is more flexible and more robust (I stripped a lot of threads on Swiftech backplates). It’s the kind of mounting system you would want to keep and use for all your future blocks.

Pricewise, the true competition of the CPU-360 is the Heatkiller 3.0 Cu, the EK Supreme HF Cu, and the Swiftech Apogee XT. Compared to the HK3.0Cu, it’s a complete win in favor of the CPU-360, I can’t really think of any advantage the HK3.0 has over the CPU-360. Compared to the Apogee XT, a lot comes down to personal taste and design choices of your loop–the Apogee XT loses a bit of performance to be compatible with large compression fittings and is noticeably more restrictive, which can negatively effect the performance of other blocks in your loops. The mounting system on the Apogee XT is probably better for most users, at least on LGA775-1366, while the CPU-360 has an advantage by using a nickel plated base, minimizing tarnish over time. Comparing the CPU-360 to the Supreme HF Cu is pretty tough considering I’ve never used the Cu variety of the Supreme HF. However, if the performance remains identical to the Supreme HF, then it’s a close decision considering the superiority of the CPU-360 mounting system and the fact the Supreme HF Cu is not compatible with the largest compression fittings (though this will be fixed in a later revision). For a lot of people, the choice between the Apogee XT, the CPU-360, and the Supreme HF Cu might well come down to aesthetics, considering how much the three trade punches overall. On top of that, there’s still the possibility of improving the performance of the CPU-360 even more with some tweaks.

Overall, the CPU-360 is simply a great block. It has great performance, a great design in terms of quality and usability, and a great mounting system. If you’re looking to build a new loop, you would be missing out to not take a good look at this block.

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