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The Koolance CPU-360 is the newest flagship CPU block from Koolance. It adopts the popular microchannel design and has a really stunning two-tone external appearance that’s well crafted and very nicely plated. It promises to be lower restriction and better thermally than the CPU-350 it replaces, which was great performing block in my tests. The CPU-360 carries over a mounting system similar to the CPU-350’s and is easily the best free-travel mounting system on the market right now.

A big thanks goes out to Koolance for supplying this CPU-360 for my testing and review.

Packaging and Contents

Koolance keeps with their trend of understated black boxes for their CPU block packaging (and a lot of their other products). Inside, is of course where all the goodies are. Included is the block, the universal mounting hardware (thumbnuts, threaded posts, springs, and washers), two mounting plates (one for LGA775, LGA1156, and LGA1366; the other is for AM2, AM2+, and AM3), two backplates (one for LGA1156; the other for every other socket), a silicone backplate spacer compatible with all sockets, some copper tape to attach a temperature probe, a 2mm allen key used to swap mounting plates, and a small tube of generic TIM. The LGA775/LGA1156/LGA1366 mounting plate is installed in the stock configuration.

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