Koolance COV-PMP450A


Overall the Koolance COV-PMP450A was an excellent test subject, with a variety of inlet and outlet configurations that all perform within a few percentage points of each other. Meaning, no matter what inlet/outlet combination you decide to use, you will maintain good overall performance. Another craving of D5 users has been the need to use fittings over the plastic barbs that are standard on the D5, these stock barbs are a pain to get tubing over and take tubing off, problem solved with the COV-PMP450A. The design and look of the top coincides very well with the original D5 motor, you will not need to hide the pump out of sight any longer. While the performance gains were not stellar, the Top Inlet/Top Outlet configuration had a gain across all speed settings and the gains were in the right area for a “real world” system. The only real gripe I have is the mounting method, the stock mounting bracket cannot be used and if you have already drilled holes in your case you will need to drill at least one more.

All in all, great aftermarket product by Koolance. I have a good feeling about the products Koolance designs and manufactures and I look forward to testing and reviewing Koolance products in the future.


  • Very clean design, fits well with the stock D5 motor
  • Installation was extremely easy
  • G1/4 barbs, use any fittings you fancy
  • Multiple inlet/outlet configurations makes tube routing a dream
  • Consistent performance across all inlet/outlet configurations
  • Dynamic Head Pressure gains were in the proper flow ranges for “real world” systems
  • Cons

  • Mounting, existing builds will need to drill new mounting holes (doesn’t use stock bracket)
  • Where to buy…

  • Koolance.com
  • Performance PCs
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