Koolance COV-PMP450A


I would like to thank Dean and Tim at Koolance for providing a production sample of the Koolance COV-PMP450A for testing purposes. Dean and Tim were generous enough to send along 2 sets of nozzles/fittings and some additional goodies. A big thank you goes out for their generosity and the opportunity to work with Koolance products.


The Koolance COV-PMP450A is the Acetal version of the Original COV-PMP450A that was made out of aluminum. Aluminum is being removed from the Koolance line up thanks in part to the Liquid Cooling community’s obsessant campaign to get all of the companies producing liquid cooling components to cease and desist. Koolance has been listening and is revising the majority of their product line, this is fantastic news for the Liquid Cooling community and I look forward to testing more Koolance products in the future.

The Koolance top fits the Laing D5, which is re-branded by Swiftech (MCP655) and Koolance (PMP450). This top is a full replacement for the stock top that we all have become used to on the D5. Aftermarket tops have become standard for the Laing DDC series, but the D5 is new territory, and I am happy to see Koolance as one of the companies leading the way and making tops for the extremely popular D5.


Fittings/Nozzles pictured are for size comparison only, not included with purchase.

I will admit, this is the first Koolance product I have ever had, so the Koolance product experience was completely new to me. The first thing I noticed was how Koolance vacuum seals their product packaging, something very simple but I do like the vacuum sealed packing. The COV-PMP450A comes with two pre-installed stop plugs, as you can see mine arrived with the front outlet and top inlet capped. The small bag to the left contains a mounting spacer, two screws and clear plastic washers for hard-mounting the pump to your case. The mounting spacer is a nice addition in the package due to the collar being a larger diameter than the pump motor and top.

Note: The stock D5 mounting bracket cannot be used after installing the COV-PMP450A on your D5. Consideration must be made for your build when planning to incorporate the Koolance top.


As with all aftermarket pump tops, you will have to remove the stock impeller housing. On the D5 this is quite easy, twist the large collar and slide it off the back of the pump motor…see, simple. One thing to note here is you need to take the o-ring from the stock top and seat it in the Koolance top, the o-ring fits like a glove.

For the extremely simple installation, I set the top on the desk, face down. Then placed the o-ring into the housing and placed the pump motor and impeller into the housing. I did align the motor so the speed selector was aligned properly rather than the off kilter housing as all of my D5’s have come out of the box. Put the collar back over the motor and spin the collar until it needs a bit of force, hand tighten and you’re done. See, extremely simple installation.

Configuration Options

The COV-PMP450A presents several fitting and tube routing options, this is where the Koolance top is truly different than all the other D5 tops and prototypes I have seen. Photos of the different configurations are below and each configuration was tested at all D5 speed settings. You can find the performance data below in the Test section, with a full test report listed under the speed setting scatter plots.

Front Inlet / Top Outlet

Front Inlet / Front Outlet

Top Inlet / Front Outlet

Top Inlet / Top Outlet

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