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Price Considerations

We’ve inspected, poked, and applied a great deal of wattage to the SR1 but now lets take a look at prices of the SR1 and other triples. The reason I included other triples is just so we can all get the bigger picture. I believe price should be a factor in a buying decision, but not the sole factor. You really need to look at your build, the goals you are trying to achieve and which of those goals are higher priority. For instance, some want silence where others are after flow rate. Well, you get the idea. We’ll start with our subject currently under the microscope and then go alphabetical from there. Prices captured on 09/26/2009 and are subject to change from the time of review publication.


The SR1 360 is the second radiator from HWLabs that has been put through its paces here at skinnee labs, and like the GTX360, the SR1 was a treat to test. The more radiators we test the more we like to see something different, and the SR1 is certainly something different. HWLabs is well known for their GTX series, but have also produced a wide variety of radiators over the years. From the ultra slim Stealth series, Cross Flow platform which gives barb ports on opposites ends of radiator to the SR1 platform that is focused at towards low fan speeds and silence. HWLabs has the most radiators in their product portfolio than any other Water Cooling company out there, they have a radiator for almost every scenario you can dream up for your build. You can guarantee that purchasing a HWLabs radiator you are buying an all around high quality product, and the SR1

Lets get back to the SR1 though. From the charts we saw in the Thermal Results, it is no surprise the SR1 360 is our new 600RPM title holder. Unfortunately, that is all the SR1 claims with the XSPC RX retaining 1000RPM. To see how the SR1 measures up against other triples, check out the Triple Radiator Comparison report, which will be updated with the latest radiator testing and new C/W calculations after this review.

After reading through the review you may have forgotten all about what makes the SR1 unique, especially after the eye candy charts and plots. The SR1 is truly designed for those seeking silence and the best low speed fan performance, being the first radiator that I know of that comes with an integrated shroud. However this shroud also presents a problem… I could not add it into my main rig unless I wanted to pull air out through the front of the case. Unfortunately, the shroud makes the decision for you on whether you want to run your fans in push or pull. Now this may not make a large difference, but you are stuck with the shroud on the opposite side of the barb ports. This ultimately may not matter to many of you, but it is something to consider, and its really the only thing I can put as a con.

Back to the positive side of things, the 9 FPI design turns heads at low fan speeds like we have already discussed but it also provides solid performance through all of the fan speed ranges. Meaning, you do not have to look at the SR1 as a low speed fan radiator, the 9 FPI design hangs tough with the rest of the triple radiators. HWLabs keeps the fit and finish reputation alive with their best in class paint only this time we get a stealth black matte finish instead of the high gloss as seen on previews offerings.


    • Low Speed fan optimized
    • 9 FPI with integrated shroud
    • Standard fan spacing and G1/4 Barb ports
    • Stealth black matte finish
    • Solid performance through all fan speeds


    • Shroud limits mounting/fan orientation options

To cap off this review, the SR1 was a surprise from the moment the I opened the package. I knew nothing about the SR1 platform leading up to her arrival, but I knew HWLabs would continue to deliver on the reputation built with previous radiators. We have a new 600RPM title holder and another great radiator to choose from when picking components for our builds. That alone is a big positive to us water heads, we always want more options. I personally prefer silence over heat dissipation at higher fan speeds, so the SR1 is right up my alley and I am certain there are more of you who will agree with me especially after you get your hands on the HWLabs SR1 360.

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