HWLabs GTX 360 Radiator Review

Price Considerations

What is the wallet damage for picking up this heat dissipation beast, lets look at the GTX360 pricing and other Triples. HWLabs pricing seems to be about the same around the globe, but the GTX360 is a bit more expensive than other radiators we’ve reviewed. However, the High CFM/RPM performance is worth the money. If having a tremendous amount of heat dissipation in a triple radiator is what you need, the GTX360 is worth the price.



I had a bit of experience with HWLabs going into this review, the GTX360 changed my opinion with the performance in heat dissipation. I was very surprised at how well the GTX performed in the medium speed ranges. You can see how the GTX360 performed versus the rest of the triples in the Triple Radiator Comparison report. One of the first things you notice on the radiator is the fins, the dual row 20 FPI configuration is a true performer. Yes the tubes are thinner and the radiator does introduce more restriction into your loop, though the restriction is not enough for you to be concerned about running multiple block loops with this radiator. A D5 or DDC is more than capable of keeping the flow rate up.

Now there was one thing that has bothered me about the GTX and that is the gap between the side panel lip and the fan housing. I have a suspicion that if that gap were eliminated and the fans mounted flush, the low speed fan numbers would improve. Although, the GTX was not designed for low speed fans and this gap provides a benefit to higher CFM fans. And speaking of those fans, the GTX does not have the screw to fin distance you have on most other radiators. The fins are very close to the side panel lip and fan mounts, be very careful on screw length when mounting your fans or to the case.


    • Extreme performance at high fan speeds
    • Medium speed fans performance
    • Hot Side / Cold Side flow pattern
    • Average restriction
    • G1/4 Barb ports
    • Standard Fan Spacing
    • Best paint on the market


    • Fin to Fan mount spacing, careful with those fan screws!

After running the tests on the GTX360 I kicked myself for days, I should not have sold that GTX480. My ears do not like high speed fans like the Ultra Kaze, but there are a variety of fans with better performance that are quieter. The HWLabs GTX360 surprised me honestly, I was not expecting the medium speed fan performance. The GTX meets or beats other triples with medium speed fans. This really is a great radiator, extreme high speed fan performance with pack leading medium speed fan performance. And the paint is the best on the market. I really wish I did not have to send this back to Hondacity, thanks again for loaning your GTX360 to for testing. Yes, I will run numbers on push/pull for you!


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