HWLabs GTX 360 Radiator Review – Data Supplement

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Performance Results

Pressure Drop/Restriction

To quickly recap from the test method, restriction is what determines your loop flow rate and typically, less restriction (higher flow) is better. The pressure drop data table is pretty much the same as our V1 bench, just a little easier on the eyes. Charts on the other hand are the product of countless feedback from the forum community to put more reference curves on the charts, single curve alone was boring. I hope that this helps paint the picture for you…


If you are familiar with the GTX series, then you already knew restriction is a little higher than our typical triple radiators. To be clear, the restriction of the GTX is not off the charts or be a problem in most loops. Our Laing D5’s and DDC’s can easily handle a GTX in the loop.

Thermal Results

Rolling into the main piece of the data supplement… all of the now standard data tables and charts from V2 of the radiator test bench.


Simple Comparison

For all radiators included in our V2 Bench testing, a simple comparison is provided. We take a look at only the 1.6GPM flow rate, but C/W and Watts dissipated for a 10C delta are included. Also included is the Thermochill PA120.3-15 and the Swiftech MCR320 as these two radiators represent the performance target we are after, said another way; The PA and the MCR are the bar for triple radiators.


The last time we took the GTX360 for a spin the sweet spot fan-wise was certainly higher in the RPM scale. Kudos to the AP15’s for showing the versatility of the GTX series, this is not a High RPM/CFM only radiator core. Yes, performance with AP30’s is very impressive, but there is more to the GTX. Oh yeah, do not forget about one of the best paint jobs you can get.

In closing…

I want to make it known that this is not the same GTX360 I tested on the V1 bench. The original was a temporary donation for testing and has long been returned. I acquired a new GTX360 for this testing. That concludes this data supplement, check out our 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison which now includes the GTX360.

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