HWLabs GTX 360 Radiator Review – Data Supplement

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This is a data supplement for the original review of the Hardware Labs GTX 360. We completely overhauled our test bench and procedure and retested the GTX360. You will find some general photos and the individual results. Like I said, just a data supplement that feeds into the 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison.

Feature List/Photos

A quick recap of the notable features/specs for the HWLabs GTX360. For a more in-depth look or to refresh your memory, jump to the original review: HWLabs GTX 360.

  • Black High Gloss Finish
  • Copper Tubes and Copper fins
  • 2 row, multi-pass design
  • G1/4 Barb ports
  • 20 Fins Per Inch (FPI), two rows per tube
  • 15mm Fan spacing (Standard)
  • M4 tapped screw holes
  • Dimensions: 133x54x397mm (WxDxH)

    Again, this is just a data supplement, so lets keep this show moving.

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