Heatkiller 3.0 LT and 3.0 LC


This is another data-centric comparison between blocks. The LC and the LT are fundamentally the same block, just the LC does a few things differently for the sake of reduced cost. In turn, you get reduced thermal performance (though a surprisingly small bump backward) and slightly higher flowrates. You also get a solid black delrin top, missing the metal accent piece.

Like I did with the EK Supreme and Supreme LT, I want to point out the poor mounting system. This one is even more dinosauric than the EK, but at least doesn’t use painful thumbnuts. That said, it is a worse mounting system than the EK when you consider how the mounting plates attach to the top (it’s a pin-based holding mechanism that requires you to fully open up the block to swap mounting plates). Maybe they think it’s clever or the best option aesthetically, but it’s a nuisance. The overall mounting mechanism is the biggest drawback of the block and would be just about any block, even a poor performing block. This is something that needs to be updated in 3.5 or 4.0 or whatever comes next.

The option of doing the silicone mod is really enticing as well–it’s easy and nets a real performance boost that’s awesome to see. It makes a great performing block even better. I’d suspect that doing it on the LC would result in a similar gain (bringing performance ahead of the stock LT!) and that presents a great value. Overall, both these blocks are winners–their performance is great and they’re low restriction. They’ve earned their reputation.

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