GTX480 Full Cover Block Roundup


Having labored through the process of mounting and un-mounting each block a minimum of 3 times, you all get to share the experience through video. We included stock HSF removal along with video of how I mounted the block to the card for the first time. We are rookies in the video realm, so you will see the early videos are a bit rough as we worked out the kinks. Click the thumbnails to launch the YouTube video in a separate window.


If you just sat through them all without falling asleep, bravo. The biggest stand outs to me are the variety of methods or approaches to mounting amongst the blocks, screws around the GPU core, use of the fan hole for mount pressure on the VRM’s, backplate use and the EK revision of the washer and plate around the core. The most difficult was removing the stock cooler thanks to the use of Loctite on the screws. Many have reported completely stripping more than one screw, we did have one that was drilled out (cut from the video since I was cussing like a sailor) after I stripped the head using the wrong size Philips screwdriver. Biggest advice I can give overall, just take it slow and think about each step before you proceed. No sense in rushing only to ruin your brand new card or block.

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Aug 03, 2011
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I just purchased the Koolance VID-NX480 Block & EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked card and watched the vid that Trubidar put out a year ago. It’s amazing how great these waterblocks work and how much they cool down these GPUs; especially this 4xx series of GPUs because they run soooo hot !!!

My question is I just purchased the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra TIM and wanted to know your opinion on it as I want to use it on this Plated Waterblock. Will it affect it in any way or will it work just fine? I wanted this liquid metal TIM because of the great success that I’ve had with the ETI from Indigo Xtreme. Actually I did video review on it last year on YouTube here:

It would be great to get your opinion on this vid. But again, I’m here asking about the liquid metal TIM for my GTX 480 GPU. Let me know what you can, and thanks for all the excellent reviews that you post here. You are one of the first places that I come to, when I need to read your thorough reviews !!! Later, Lad… :-)

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