GTX480 Full Cover Block Roundup


The time has come to add GPU cooling to the ever-growing list of test reports here at Skinnee Labs. Since this is the first time we ventured into the GPU side of things, we knew there would be bumps in the road and parts we change after this round was complete, but more on that later. For the first dive into GPU cooling, we have a highly anticipated card and a little furnace too… the NVidia GTX480. MSI was kind enough to be our hardware sponsor and sent over a card for me to punish and let all of you feast on the test data that resulted. In addition to the support from MSI, each of the blocks were sent over directly from the manufacturer after we notified them of our testing via email. Before I get too far off topic, let us cut to the chase and look at our participants.



The pictures above will be linked to the individual reviews of each block as the final additions are done. The individual pages for each block will cover the details/specs, installation (here too, it is that important), focused test results and our user experience while working with the card along with any tweaks/gotchas to look for. Performance, be it flow/restriction or thermals are covered here in the comparison. We have not even made it past the intro and I already need to declare one of the things we will be changing on the next go round… testing and publishing. There is too much time spent and not enough data flowing out of testing for a roundup this large to do a bulk release. This is change is bigger than just GPU blocks, you will see as time goes on around here.

Moving right along, flip to the next page as we move to HSF removal and block installation.

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Aug 03, 2011
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I just purchased the Koolance VID-NX480 Block & EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked card and watched the vid that Trubidar put out a year ago. It’s amazing how great these waterblocks work and how much they cool down these GPUs; especially this 4xx series of GPUs because they run soooo hot !!!

My question is I just purchased the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra TIM and wanted to know your opinion on it as I want to use it on this Plated Waterblock. Will it affect it in any way or will it work just fine? I wanted this liquid metal TIM because of the great success that I’ve had with the ETI from Indigo Xtreme. Actually I did video review on it last year on YouTube here:

It would be great to get your opinion on this vid. But again, I’m here asking about the liquid metal TIM for my GTX 480 GPU. Let me know what you can, and thanks for all the excellent reviews that you post here. You are one of the first places that I come to, when I need to read your thorough reviews !!! Later, Lad… :-)

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