EK Supreme HF Full-Nickel Review

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Flow and Restriction

A big factor in determining block performance is knowing how restrictive it is.  Knowing how restrictive it is, as well as pump performance and how restrictive the other components in you loop are, you can know what flowrate to expect.  Generally speaking, you don’t want flowrate to go too low–every component performs better with higher flowrates (but to varying degrees).  Ultimately though, higher restriction is fine because it’s what you do with the flowrate that’s most important–flowrate is a means to get lower temperatures but flowrate without context is pretty meaningless.

Pressure drop:

Simple flowrate and restrictiveness:

Of note, “Restrictiveness” is a unitless metric measuring restriction and is effectively, not literally, an inverse of measured flowrate–lower means less restrictive.  It’s a sum of pressure drop readings at the eight lowest pump settings we test.

We’re still early into the 2011 CPU Block Comparison, but it’s already clear that the Supreme HF Full-Nickel’s restrictiveness and flowrate are non-issues; restriction is low.

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Posted On
Aug 13, 2011
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the new bad ass thermal compound is xigmatek freezingpoint g 4718
well 7783D is indeed great but come in a very little amount.
it’s not available in the states ? i guess

Posted On
May 02, 2011
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Seeing how badly MX4 did in TIM tests, i’m guessing EK would have been better off changing TIM to PK-1 or Shin-Etsu.

Posted On
May 01, 2011
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Was waiting for this :) . Guess i won’t spend money on the new mounting set to replace mine, i will just reseat it carefully, with indigo instead of MX-3 this time. (Even if i’m still really curious to see results with a lapped base of the Supreme HF.) Thank you Eric!

Posted On
May 01, 2011
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As usual, great work Vapor! I have the rev 2 with a clear acrylic top, and was considering switching to the black easy mount kit because it just looks so much better. But, I think I’ll just stick with what I have based on your testing.

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